Oracle launched the first seamless cloud layered d

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Oracle launched the first seamless cloud layered data protection solution

ctiforum on March 9 (Li Wenjie) Oracle announced the launch of a new storage Tek virtual storage manager (VSM) 7 system. This system is the safest and most scalable data protection solution developed for mainframe and heterogeneous systems, and adds the layered storage function of fully automatic use of Oracle public cloud. In addition, Oracle storage Tek vsm7 system can seamlessly integrate Oracle Storage Cloud Services - object storage and Oracle Storage Cloud Services - archiving services to provide storage administrators with preset cloud policies. With the help of Oracle, cloud storage has become as easy to access the thrust ring friction pair as local storage

James Cates, senior vice president of Oracle archiving product development, said: in the past, the design of data protection solutions was aimed at the rapid growth of the local number of such experimental machines. Vsm7 was designed to meet the changing needs of the market. However, this has not changed the core concept of its products, that is, higher performance, twice the capacity and higher scalability. We have observed a gap in the market, so we have designed and developed integrated cloud layering to help mainframe users enjoy the benefits of the cloud economy

esg business director and senior analyst mark Peters said: with vsm7, Oracle can provide mainframe data protection solutions for users of heterogeneous systems. And there is no doubt that the built-in use of Oracle public cloud storage and archiving services has greatly extended the mechanical application life and stability! In the long run, the characteristics of data tiered storage will further expand the market potential. In addition, the enterprise Oracle public cloud provides mainframe customers with an excellent and affordable storage alternative

enterprises can obtain the following benefits:

performance and scalability: Oracle storage Tek vsm7 system is an outstanding data protection solution for ibmz system mainframe, which can comprehensively exchange data with the previous generation VSM system, making up for the key functions lacking in ibmts7700 virtual tape library system. Oracle storage Tek vsm7 system has more than 34 times the capacity, significant high scalability (up to 256 storage Tek vsm7 systems), data De duplication and local cloud layering. (mainframe and heterogeneous storage users can get additional capacity on demand)

higher security: Oracle storage tekvsm7 system adopts the breakthrough oraclesparcm7 processor, which can encrypt static data and data in removable library media with a variety of encryption algorithms without reducing performance. At the same time, the system also uses silicon secured memory (memory security chip) technology to protect data

availability: Oracle storage Tek vsm7 system provides a complete set of data protection solutions from enterprise local to Oracle public cloud, which can meet the needs of all mainframe storage and heterogeneous storage through a single interface. The system allows administrators to set policies to automatically copy or migrate files stored on external disks to low-cost external cloud storage. Using the hierarchical storage of the public cloud, which once caused panic to parents and students, users can use Oracle storage cloud service or Oracle Storage Cloud archiving service through the locally deployed storage Tek vsm7 system to realize end-to-end visualization and problem diagnosis

disaster recovery: Oracle storage Tek vsm7 system helps to implement remote disaster recovery strategies. Mainframe is no longer needed in remote sites, which can greatly reduce costs and simplify deployment. The electronic data sharing function can upload data information of different devices, clusters, replication and disaster recovery to Oracle public cloud, and ultimately provide users with a variety of simple and flexible disaster recovery options

Oracle attaches great importance to the requirements of key tasks that have not been involved in heterogeneous environments. By extending the enterprise proven architecture to a broader customer base, Oracle is using flexible disaster recovery solutions to improve the ability of mainframe data protection

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