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Machine tool industry: prosperity improvement + pattern optimization private machine tools welcome development opportunities

machine tool industry: 100 billion output value, large but not strong. Machine tools mainly include metal cutting machine tools, metal forming machine tools, woodworking machinery and other eight sub industries. Downstream customers include automobile, rail transit, national defense industry portal UTM experimental machines with a structural capacity of 1000~135000 lb. industries take the same samples under the specified state conditioning conditions, temperature, humidity and strain rate, aerospace, engineering machinery, consumer electronics and other fields. In 2019, the domestic machine tool output value was about 19.4 billion US dollars, accounting for 23.1% of the world, and it is the world's largest machine tool producer. The domestic machine tool industry as a whole is large but not strong. It has been at the middle and low end of the industrial chain for a long time, and its core components are highly dependent on foreign countries. In terms of prosperity, thanks to the overall recovery of domestic manufacturing investment, the machine tool industry is ushering in recovery. In June, the output of metal cutting machine tools increased by 10% - 20% year-on-year

industry cycle: or the starting point of a renewal cycle. The domestic machine tool output and output value reached a high point in 2011, and then entered a ten-year downward cycle. In 2019, the output value has decreased by about 30% from the high point. In terms of ownership, the current domestic machine tool stock is about 8million, and more than 60% of the traditional machine tools have been in service for more than 10 years, that is, more than 4.5 million machine tools are in the scrap stage, which means that there is a huge demand for machine tool upgrading in China. According to our calculation, 2020 may be the starting point of a renewal cycle

make polished fabrics maintain a certain humidity competition pattern: private machine tools meet the development opportunity. On the one hand, the old machine tool leaders represented by the "Eighteen Arhats" have been gradually marginalized and mediocre in the past ten years, and there has never been a major breakthrough in scale effect and core technological capabilities. On the other hand, private machine tools have become the backbone since 2015, but they are "small and scattered"; With the advance of the supply side reform in, the environmental cost changed from external cost to internal cost, which generally raised the survival threshold of enterprises. The downstream demand of the machine tool industry showed the characteristics of "headedness, centralization and high-end", which will force the concentration of the private machine tool market to increase

who is the leader of national brands? As the core value link of equipment manufacturing, China's machine tool industry urgently needs to develop its own brands, and only "craftsman spirit + marketization strategy" can break through. Referring to the development history of Yamazaki Mazak, the global leader, Haitian Seiko is expected to become the leader of national brands. Guosheng hydrostatic test is a standard that usually needs to be reached in the special product specifications of SMS (spunbonded/melt blown/spunbonded) non-woven fabrics used in the field of sanitary products. Zhike is expected to rise

give the machine tool industry an overweight rating. We are optimistic about the development of private machine tool enterprises, and the core parts supporting enterprises also have specific investment value. Focus on recommending Haitian Seiko, the leader of private machine tools, and focus on Guosheng Zhike; Focus on the core parts advantage enterprises Haozhi Electromechanical, zhongdalide, Huazhong CNC; It is suggested to pay attention to enterprises such as genesis, Qinchuan machine tool and Yawei

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