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Intelligent manufacturing enterprises focus on talent recruitment: the demand for automation talents is increasing

with migrant workers returning to Dongguan one after another, Dongguan has recently attracted a small peak in recruitment. The demand for enterprise recruitment is gradually increasing, and the number of jobs released has increased compared with the same period in previous years. The visit found that stimulated by the positive policies such as the doubling plan released by Dongguan at the beginning of the year, many well-known enterprises offered large sums of money to seek talents to support enterprises to achieve doubling

the demand for enterprise recruitment increased year-on-year

on the 18th, nearly 700 enterprises in Zhitong talent (Guancheng headquarters) provided 8500 job supply and demand options. It is reported that since the beginning of the year, the number of enterprises in Zhitong talent on-site recruitment fair has increased year on year. Data show that the number of enterprises with recruitment demand in the week after the Lantern Festival increased by 25.72% over the same period last year, and the number of jobs provided increased by 21.10%. It can be seen that the demand of enterprises has increased significantly

during the Spring Festival, the booths of the job fair are full, and many enterprises require temporary additions. Enterprises that are really unable to meet their needs have to postpone on-site recruitment and adopt online or other recruitment channels to supplement recruitment. According to hexiaoyi, deputy general manager of Zhitong talent Guancheng company, it is the peak season of the Spring Festival, and enterprises that want to come to Zhitong talent site for recruitment must book booths at least two weeks in advance

there is a strong demand for on-site recruitment enterprises. Enterprises and talents applying for jobs through online recruitment are also unwilling to be outdone and the competition is hot. According to the data of Zhitong talents in the latest week, the number of enterprise recruitment units increased by 18.07% over the same period last year, the number of positions released by enterprises increased by 18.06% over the same period last year, the number of new individual user registrations increased by 25.95% over the same period last year, and the number of resumes delivered by individuals increased by 25.94%

the local network recruitment market as a whole continues to be hot, and compared with the same period last year, both the number of enterprise demand and the number of job seekers have increased significantly. Wang Wei, CTO of Zhitong talent chain group, said that according to statistics, at present, the average daily browsing volume of Zhitong talent station has been nearly 5million, which shows that talents' preference for job search channels is constantly shifting, and enterprises will follow up the selection of channels with the changes of talents' job search habits

most Dongguan enterprises look for talents in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

in all kinds of job fairs, intelligent manufacturing enterprises are the focus of job seekers. Xiao Chen, a job seeker from Guangxi, is a prospective graduate majoring in machinery manufacturing and automation. He was very excited to see the news of the implementation of the multiplication plan in Dongguan in the media. He hopes to enter a pilot enterprise of the multiplication plan and achieve better personal growth. Xiao Chen said

Xiao Chen's judgment was confirmed at the job site. Our company has good products and no shortage of orders, but it is short of talents. The demand for talents this year increased by 35.2% year-on-year. According to the person in charge of recruitment of an intelligent equipment manufacturing company selected into the 200 pilot enterprises of the doubling plan, this year the company launched multiple recruitment channels such as on-site, networking and headhunting for talents, hoping to recruit suitable talents. The person in charge said that the company has introduced heavy incentives to attract talents. For example, if an internal partner can introduce a technical talent, the introducer and the party concerned will be rewarded with a bonus of 10000 yuan each after the expiration of one year, and the amount of reward for some core positions will even reach 20000 yuan

it is noted that under the situation that enterprises are in urgent need of technical talents, various professional job fairs have also been held one after another. In order to alleviate the gap of technical talents in enterprises, on February 25, Zhiju Lianke, a mid and high-end talent recruitment fair for Zhizao in the future, hosted by Dongguan Human Resources Bureau, Dongguan employment service center and Nancheng Human Resources Bureau, will be held in Lianke International Information Industry Park. In this job fair, nearly 1500 high paying jobs will be offered by well-known enterprises in Dongguan, including easytek, many of which earn more than 10000 yuan a month

the recruitment fair will not only attract high-quality local talents in Dongguan, but also invite talents from Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other places to apply in Dongguan. The relevant person in charge of Zhaopin said that in recent years, the transformation and upgrading of Dongguan's traditional manufacturing industry has resulted in a large number of structural talent gaps, which can be seen from this CES exhibition. For this part of demand, most Dongguan enterprises choose to explore relevant talents in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

robot automation training uses light glass fiber bridge decks instead of training hot

thanks to the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing industry and the implementation of machine replacement projects, various related training projects in Dongguan are also gradually hot

focus on the development of high-end positive and negative electrodes, diaphragm materials, electrolytes, etc. for new energy batteries

according to Huang tingsheng, Dean of Zhitong training college, since the beginning of the new year, the college has received a large number of robot training course consultations. On average, more than 80 people consult about robot training information every day, of which more than 50 people visit the site to understand the training program, and all visitors are interested in robots PLC and other intelligent automation training projects showed great enthusiasm

it is expected that the number of trainees of robot training, PLC training and other courses related to intelligent manufacturing will double that of last year in 2017. Huang tingsheng said that Zhitong training college will also increase investment, further optimize the course content, improve the service level, and create standardized courses. If 1 directly use the original way to do things, introduce more authoritative teachers and advanced equipment to meet the needs of the market

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