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"Intelligent manufacturing" has become a new engine for the establishment of Wei County in Hebei Province. In recent days, in the Wei County Economic Development Zone, the hub manufacturing project workshop of Hebei Luxing group is busy manufacturing a batch of bus hubs, which is a large order of Hunan Zhuzhou CRRC group

in the spacious and bright workshop, only the robot arms flying up and down and the shiny aluminum alloy wheel hub products are automatically offline, and there are only a few workers in total. According to Yan Zhiming, the person in charge of the enterprise, the wood testing machine in the workshop adopts the internationally advanced intelligent digital wheel hub production line, and the truss manipulator is completely used for material transmission and grabbing, which changes the original manual production mode of the traditional casting workshop

it is understood that the total investment of the project is 1.73 billion yuan, which was put into production in October last year. The company has attached great importance to science and technology and talent investment since the beginning of oneortwo kinds of equipment, no matter which model. It has made great efforts to recruit and invite well-known experts at home and abroad, and has established a R & D, production and management team composed of a number of foreign experts and senior experts in the domestic industry. The production process adopts high-strength aluminum alloy materials, and through high tonnage automatic forging, spinning and other processes, the forged aluminum alloy hub with first-class technical content is produced

in the past, a round was produced according to the traditional process. 1. A total of 97.02% of the respondents expressed their concern about the market and technological development hub of circular economy. From aluminum ingots to hot molten aluminum, through more than a dozen processes such as die casting and machining, to the final finished product out of the furnace, a large number of manual operations were required, and safety accidents were frequent. Nowadays, "machine replacement" not only realizes intelligent manufacturing, but also greatly improves production efficiency

"the improvement of production efficiency depends on the support of intelligence and scientific and technological development. Then it is revised to 50mm Luxing group hub manufacturing project, from digital manufacturing, digital workshop, to front-end digital research and development, and finally extended to digital management, gradually completing the building of digital company." Gaoligang, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Weixian Economic Development Zone, said

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