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Intellectualization: the mainstream trend of food packaging machinery in the future

[China Packaging News] with the rapid and healthy development of China's national economy, the Chinese packaging industry has become an industry with great development potential and will have a broad market space. Although China's food packaging machinery industry has made great progress in stabilizing the main industry of steel raw material market, the appearance of monopoly by foreign companies still exists. It can be said that the development of China's food packaging machinery industry is mixed

Chinese packaging experts predict that intellectualization will also become the development direction of the food packaging machinery industry in the future. The competition in the food packaging machinery market is global, and the scale of China's food packaging machinery market has also expanded, but the product technology level needs to be improved

domestic enterprises show that the demand for coke is still unabated, and large investment should be added in packaging design, which has a certain positive significance for the technological innovation of food packaging machinery. As a calm and open market, China actively introduces foreign advanced technology, which effectively improves the level of China's packaging machinery. With the further opening of the market, China's food packaging machinery industry will further open the international market. In recent years, China has been developing at a high speed in all aspects, but the tensile strength of the food packaging machinery industry is basically the same, and the road is not smooth, it will face greater challenges

many packaging enterprises aim at foreign countries, but foreign market competition is more intense. Germany, Italy and Japan have formed an iron triangle in the food packaging machinery industry. Their technological level has an overwhelming advantage for Chinese food packaging machinery enterprises because their R & D and use are several years earlier than that in China

at present, only a few Chinese packaging enterprises can stand on the international stage. Zhengyuan packaging company is one of the large food packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises. Li Yisheng, chairman of Zhengyuan, said that China's food packaging machinery enterprises still have a long way to go. On this long road, they are bound to encounter various challenges. While actively learning from foreign advanced experience, they can make progress only by strengthening independent research and development and innovation

With this advantage, China actively strengthens the research and development of technology and learns new knowledge, and rapidly improves the technical level of food packaging machinery. China's packaging machines have achieved automation and intelligence through skill improvement and optimization. The packaging machine is more favored by users through the continuous use and promotion of high-tech skills

it is not difficult to see that the mainstream development direction of the food packaging machinery industry in the future should be energy conservation, recyclability and high-tech intelligence. At present, the packaging technology level of vertical packaging machine, secondary packaging machine, bag feeding packaging machine, heavy bag packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, packaging production line, automatic weighing machine and other packaging technology made in China is at the forefront of the world. Of course, to achieve the world's top packaging technology, we still need to constantly improve the research and development level and optimize the packaging technology

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