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Intelligent manufacturing helps China's leading construction machinery enterprises to change lanes and overtake

intelligent manufacturing helps China's leading construction machinery enterprises to change lanes and overtake

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Economic and practical. At present, the global manufacturing industry is facing a new round of change, and will enter the industrial 4.0 development stage represented by networking and intelligence. Human beings have the domestic leading technology of lithium smelting and low-temperature vacuum distillation for production efficiency and profit. The improvement of the purification rate promotes the continuous change and transformation of the manufacturing industry. Industry 4.0 is a new generation of manufacturing technology with the development of key technologies such as IOT, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. It is the direction of vigorous development and exploration in many countries. However, at present, the technology of industry 4.0 is not mature and the market pattern is uncertain

since 2015, China has issued a series of policies to encourage the development of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing. China's economy has shifted from the stage of high-speed growth to the stage of high-quality development. Intelligent manufacturing is the inevitable demand for China's manufacturing industry to turn 12 and upgrade. In order to ensure the development of the industry, China has issued the "intelligent manufacturing development plan ()," industrial interconnection development action plan (year) "," new generation artificial intelligence development plan "and other policies to promote the development of China's intelligent manufacturing industry chain from the aspects of digital chemical plants, industrial interconnection, artificial intelligence and so on

China's Lighthouse factory construction is in a leading position. According to the statistics of the world economic forum and McKinsey, these lighthouse factories can improve the output per unit time to varying degrees, reduce resource consumption, reduce product delivery and development cycle, and improve product quality. As of January 2020, there are 44 lighthouse factories in the world, 12 of which are from China

Sany's digitalization and intelligent manufacturing are leading among global construction machinery enterprises.

high R & D investment is the direct driving force of Sany's digitalization and intelligent manufacturing. The CAGR of Sany Heavy Industry in recent three years was 61.07%, and the R & D expenditure in 2019 was 4.69 billion yuan, 1.85 times the peak of the industry boom in 2012

in 2019, the construction of Sany lighthouse factory made a milestone breakthrough. The No. 18 lighthouse factory built by the company in 2019 can realize the full automation of eight processes in production and manufacturing, such as blanking, sorting, welding, painting and assembly, through the application of automatic industrial robots, IOT, visual recognition, AI and other technologies, which can achieve the expected goals of 50% increase in production capacity, 50% reduction in the number of workers, 50% reduction in production cycle, and a significant improvement in product quality

the lighthouse mode of Sany Heavy Industry is in full swing. After making it clear that the effect of No. 18 lighthouse factory is remarkable, the company began to comprehensively carry out the construction of Lighthouse factory. This year, it will carry out the lighthouse transformation of 22 factories, and next year, it will carry out the transformation of all factories. The intelligent manufacturing of the company is ahead of all construction machinery enterprises in the world

Sany Heavy Industry is expected to speed up overtaking by virtue of the lighthouse factory. With the promotion of smart regularly cleaning the electromechanical lighthouse factory, Sany Heavy Industry's product manufacturing costs have been reduced, the product quality has been improved, the overall competitiveness has been greatly improved, and the profitability has been further enhanced. To some extent, lighthouse factory is similar to catalyst, which is expected to accelerate Sany's globalization breakthrough and help it change lanes to overtake

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