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Intelligent logistics welcomes heavy benefits: UAVs can operate across provinces

recently, China's UAV commercial field has welcomed heavy benefits: the northwest administration of civil aviation of China once again achieved a new breakthrough in UAV management, and officially issued the "measures for the management of logistics distribution and business activities of civil unmanned aerial vehicles in Northwest China (Trial)" (Civil Aviation Northwest Bureau Fa [2019] No. 66) (hereinafter referred to as "the management measures"). This means that logistics drones with a takeoff weight of no more than 150 kg can "soar in the northwest". With the continuous expansion and large-scale application of UAV distribution scenarios, enterprises represented by Liu are actively exploring the upgrading and improvement of the regulatory system in cooperation with civil aviation management departments, and have become an important force in promoting the commercialization of the UAV industry

the "management measures" issued this time are to encourage innovative license management methods, encourage the healthy development of new business forms, standardize the use of civil unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to carry out logistics distribution operational flight activities, expand the field of UAV application services, and promote the safe, orderly and healthy development of UAV logistics distribution

"management measures" also defines the concept and definition of UAV logistics distribution, the basic conditions for applying for business license qualification, the management organization of UAV logistics distribution license, scope of application, management process, legal obligations, etc. It is understood that the "management measures" were issued on the basis of "ensuring flight safety, public safety and national security", which "fully summarize the pilot experience of UAV logistics distribution in Shaanxi, actively learn from and absorb the pilot results of other administrations, and institutionalize, standardize and program the management idea of" one manual, two steps and three departments "for the terminal UAV logistics distribution business license."

what is more interesting is that according to the "management measures", civil UAVs with a maximum empty weight of more than 250 grams (including 250 grams) and a maximum take-off weight of no more than 150 kg can use UAVs to carry out commercial flight activities of cargo transportation and distribution in the jurisdiction of the Northwest Civil Aviation Administration, including Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai, etc., and are applicable to the supervision and management of corresponding flight activities

in other words, logistics drones with a takeoff weight of no more than 300 Jin can "fly freely" in the four northwest provinces. This is also another major breakthrough in the field of logistics UAV supervision since the northwest administration of civil aviation issued the world's first provincial UAV logistics operation license to last year, and it is also the first time that the commercial use of logistics UAVs may break through the provincial regional restrictions. This undoubtedly laid an important foundation for the logistics UAV to move forward to the national operation, and also wrote a new chapter of China's logistics UAV UAV is completing the distribution task

driven by leading enterprises, UAV supervision has achieved leapfrog development

looking back on the past, we can clearly find that the development process of logistics UAV supervision is a government supervision, which does not meet the technical specifications triggered; (4) The original chuck fixture is very complex, and the reform history of mutual influence and mutual promotion between the management department and industry enterprises, especially the leading enterprises

on August 29, 2017, obtained the first approval of UAV airspace covering the whole province in China. suggested that operators stand on rubber insulation pads to work in Shaanxi. There was a broader sky in the West. From terminal distribution to trunk and branch transportation, the world's first UAV navigation logistics network accelerated the pace of landing. In February, 2018, became the first national pilot enterprise in the world to carry out UAV logistics distribution within the provincial scope

since then, has carried out large-scale terminal logistics UAV operations in Shaanxi to achieve "zero error" in safe operation. Based on the support of a large number of actual operation data, under the guidance of the northwest administration of civil aviation, the pilot innovatively put forward the idea of obtaining business qualification based on safety risk assessment: on the one hand, gradually integrate the three-level safety strategy requirements of flight safety, social safety and national safety into the daily logistics UAV operation process. On the other hand, based on the actual operation experience, the safe operation manual of terminal logistics UAV is summarized and refined

in February this year, the State Post Office officially issued the notice on publishing the recognition results of the 2018 post industry technology R & D center, and JD logistics UAV R & D Center won the recognition of the robot and unmanned technology R & D center. This is also the first batch of technology research and development centers in the postal industry in China since the State Post Bureau issued the Interim Measures for the identification and management of technology research and development centers in the postal industry with the all-round efforts of our Jinan experimental machine factory team on February 9, 2018

according to the working requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration for piloting logistics distribution activities in Shaanxi Province using UAVs, the northwest administration of civil aviation jointly piloted the implementation enterprises and explored a set of UAV logistics distribution management mode and review mechanism with northwest characteristics. It is also based on the principle that the competent authorities encourage innovation in licensing management methods. The leading enterprises represented by JD logistics cooperate with the civil aviation management department to promote management reform, use the continuous summary of pilot normal operations to form mature systems and norms, and finally become standards, and then use Chinese standards to open the world and lead the trend drones are being delivered

on January 19, 2019, CEO of logistics Wang Zhenhui made it clear that the core strategy of logistics is "experience-based, efficiency wins". The establishment of "trunk line branch line terminal" three-level UAV aviation logistics system is an important supplement to JD logistics' three-level intelligent logistics system

JD logistics will continue to use the characteristics of UAVs in space, speed, transportation and other aspects for large-scale applications. Through the accumulation of massive flight data and logistics distribution samples, it will promote the "Northwest mode" to the whole country and even the world, establish an innovative mode for the operation of UAVs internationally, create an industry benchmark, and help China's UAV industry lead the world

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