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Intelligent manufacturing has entered the period of in-depth cooperation between China and foreign countries

with the acceleration of consumption upgrading, personalized customization is becoming a reality

upload photos, select the shape of the decorative box and the color of the bottom plate, and generate orders; Arrange production and issue production orders through erp/aps/mes system, process decorative frames by intelligent robots, and assemble production lines to complete the assembly and quality inspection of decorative frames, baseplates, and photos; Warehouse in and warehouse out are completed through elevator, AGV trolley and logistics control system. It only takes 5 minutes. 10. Push the lower pressing plate into the experimental machine to get a unique personalized customized photo frame

this is the scene witnessed in the VR exhibition hall of the personalized customization demonstration production line of the Institute of integrated technology and economics of machinery industry instrumentation (hereinafter referred to as "the Institute") of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission

at present, the cooperation between China and foreign countries in the field of intelligent manufacturing has entered a period of in-depth cooperation. This personalized intelligent manufacturing test system is one example. In addition to adopting E- F@ctory In addition to intelligent manufacturing solutions, there are also some domestic partners

it is understood that in this personalized intelligent manufacturing test system, as a representative solution of Intelligent Manufacturing in Japan, e- F@ctory It can adapt to the production mode of "multi variety and small batch", and make full use of "human, machine and it collaboration" to achieve efficient and flexible digital lean production; The NC machine tool for the processing station is jointly developed with Dongguan Taiyi Yingtuo company and adopts the advanced M80 NC operating system. It can be directly connected with the MES system through its own MES (production information management system for manufacturing enterprises) data interface; The robot of sorting station adopts SCARA robot of Shenyang Xinsong; The logistics system is jointly developed with China Putian company, forming a logistics system that integrates AGV, three-dimensional warehouse, automatic/manual feeding and unloading, and can manage raw materials and finished products with large deformation, and has realized docking with MES system

Li Yumin, deputy chief engineer of the Institute of integrated technology and economics of instruments and meters in the machinery industry, told that the intelligent manufacturing comprehensive test platform of the Institute had been officially completed in October last year and officially passed the acceptance in March this year. Local government departments and many foreign-funded enterprises have shown great interest and launched relevant cooperation projects

according to the introduction, on the basis of the personalized intelligent manufacturing test system, the Instrument Research Institute and Mitsubishi Electric also jointly established the "Joint Laboratory for the application of cutting-edge information technology in Intelligent Manufacturing", taking it as an open cooperation platform for China Japan intelligent manufacturing technology to jointly study the latest cutting-edge information technology

industry insiders said that cutting-edge information technologies such as artificial intelligence, industrial interconnection, big data and edge computing are being deeply integrated with the manufacturing industry, which has triggered profound changes in the manufacturing industry from the aspects of R & D and design, manufacturing, industrial form and business model, and promoted the development of the manufacturing industry in the direction of intelligence. However, at present, China's industry has shortcomings in automation and informatization, which need to be supplemented quickly. In this process, the introduction of foreign advanced technology is still necessary

the head of relevant departments of the Institute also said that at present, the intelligent manufacturing comprehensive test platform of the Institute integrates the digital twin technology representing German industry 4.0 and e-manufacturing representing Japanese lean manufacturing- F@ctory Technology, which can realize personalized customization, virtual simulation, flexible manufacturing, production process monitoring, quality inspection, energy consumption management, product cleaning methods: taking out the damping pin tracing, safety integrated monitoring, predictive maintenance, product life cycle and other manufacturing digital chemical reactions can ensure the stability of this kind of hydrogel, which is the core functional elements of digitalization, networking and intelligence

for foreign-funded enterprises, accelerating cooperation with Chinese research institutions will better meet the needs of the Chinese market, so as to obtain a larger market

Wang Jian, President of Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., Ltd., believes that E- F@ctory It is being introduced into China at an unprecedented speed, and the scale this year is more than twice that of three years ago. Now, in China, large enterprises in major industries such as home appliances, EMS, LCD, tires and so on have appeared E- F@ctory Figure of

Takeshi Sugiyama, President of Mitsubishi Electric Co., Ltd., said that Mitsubishi Electric will further accelerate its layout in smart factories, zero energy consumption buildings, autonomous driving and other fields

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