The most popular prepackaged food is not low in sa

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The salt content of prepackaged food is not low, and it has become a healthy invisible "killer"

with the eating habits, in addition to the daily seasoning salt, a combination of many of these excellent properties can ensure that the steering wheel is safely installed on the top pillar module, and the food contains salt. However, for the sake of health, Chinese people slowly began to reduce salt. Many people also know that eating too much salt is still one of the main problems in the diet of Chinese residents. According to the analysis of industry experts, it has also become a hidden danger for citizens to buy prepackaged food and eat out. Some foods are salty. For example, salt biscuits contain 749 mg of sodium per 100g, and the total salt content is 1905 mg. When people eat a bag of salt biscuits, the salt intake has reached 1/3 of the daily salt intake per capita. There are also some people who cannot judge the salt content by mouth. For example, the sodium content of corn sliced bread per 100g is 374mg, and the total salt content is 951mg, which is equivalent to 15.8% of the reference value of nutrients in a day. Luhongqin, a national secondary public nutritionist, said that pre packaged food should not be underestimated. Some of them must be replaced immediately after the instigator alarms; The salt content is not low, especially the salt content of bean products, instant noodles and ketchup is more than 50%

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