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Youyin value-added services ensure the safe return to work and production of enterprises

with the continuous improvement of the national epidemic prevention and control situation, the spread and dispersion of the epidemic has been basically controlled. Governments at all levels have begun to do a good job in the follow-up work of epidemic prevention and control, accelerate the comprehensive return to work, join the concrete industry and restore the normal production and living order. Recently, the general office of the Beijing Municipal People's government issued the notice on several measures for doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control to ensure the orderly return to work and production of enterprises

the notice puts forward ten measures focusing on the epidemic prevention and control, catering distribution, staff accommodation, remote office and other aspects of the resumption of work and production of enterprises, mainly including the implementation of the two floor long system of street and building property, the verification of the upper limit of the daily working staff of enterprises, and the promotion of flexible office methods such as working at wrong times, taking turns and home office, so as to further reduce the staff density; Strict requirements for the management and coordination mechanism for entering Beijing have been made. Railway, civil aviation, transportation and other departments have strengthened remote control, guided personnel to enter Beijing orderly, and resolutely prevented high-risk people from entering Beijing

it can be seen from the "several measures" that the 1.5875mm steel ball is clear that non-contact, less contact and low density are still the primary principles for the current resumption of work and production, and the great achievements of epidemic prevention and control need to be consolidated by strict measures. The resumption of business also needs to adapt to the current management and control requirements. On the premise of ensuring the safety of employees, the enterprise should be as flexible as possible to respond to market changes, communicate in a timely manner without losing orders, meet customer needs, and ensure the rapid recovery of its business

Youyin has been constantly upgrading and enriching in helping business enterprises to explore business opportunities, retain customer information, accumulate potential demand, and enhance brand awareness. At the same time, it has also made enterprises gradually realize the need to strengthen the management of the high-value information accumulated by Youyin in their business operations, so that the basic information of potential customers and the progress of business opportunities can be reliably saved and updated in real time. 5. When they are ready, the experiment begins to combine business opportunity information with management, It will be more beneficial to the operation and development of all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises by enabling potential business opportunities to be quickly transformed, greatly improving the management efficiency of the company's internal business operations, and not increasing the burden on the enterprise's operating costs

the value-added function of Youyin, combined with the high-quality products and related services of Youyin communication such as mobile cloud seats, can ensure that enterprises can work in a decentralized manner without shunting business opportunities. The voice transfer function ensures that every business opportunity call can be transferred to a specially assigned person. The unique omission query function in the background allows all business needs to be met. The mobile cloud agent product cooperates with Youyin to realize the call support of any terminal, directly connect the enterprise business opportunities, customer information and other information obtained from communication into the enterprise's internal business operation process, and directly improve the enterprise's business management and operation efficiency. At the same time, based on cloud computing, AI intelligent analysis and other scientific and technological applications, it makes the enterprise's communication management more intelligent and more flexible with the growth of the enterprise, Mobile communication office makes it safer during the resumption of work and production, and also ensures that the business operation of enterprises is more reliable, so as to avoid the loss of personnel and take away business opportunities

over the past ten years, Youyin communication has always supported the communication service and operation management of various commercial and enterprise customers with its strong service undertaking ability, good operation and maintenance ability and experience in operation level customer service. Youyin communication's high-quality communication service has been recognized by relevant ministries and commissions and competent units, and won the title of annual communication network operation and maintenance service user satisfaction Enterprise issued by China Communications Enterprise Association

2020, Youyin communication will continue to deepen its strategic layout with ecological partners such as Alibaba nailnail, JD cloud, and China enterprise power, deeply integrate its own communication capabilities with relevant platforms, polish products, provide more perfect services, and help enterprises quickly return to work and production, and restore normal production and operation order

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