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China's Ministry of Health issued the prescription management measures. Yesterday, the news from the property insurance company in our city said that the CIRC had formulated the 2007 new version of commercial automobile insurance, which listed theft and rescue as the main insurance in the past as an additional insurance, and stipulated that the insurance company could refuse to pay compensation if the vehicle was stolen after drinking

if you lose your car after drinking, you will be refused compensation

it is understood that the new version of auto insurance is jointly developed by PICC, Ping An and the Pacific under the leadership of the China Insurance Industry Association. The experimental models are the imported 1fmjg (1) 25 residual film clearing machine and 1mc (7) 0 stubble harvesting machine, which are set as three types A, B and C. The biggest difference from the 2006 version of auto insurance is that the three types of auto insurance include theft and rescue as the main insurance, which can be purchased separately. Previously, this insurance was only an additional insurance, which can be purchased only when the vehicle damage insurance or the main insurance of the third party insurance is purchased

although it is listed as the main insurance, the insurance company will refuse to pay compensation if the owner drives out to drink, or the vehicle is stolen and robbed in the process of drinking or getting drunk. In the past, the insurance company had to pay compensation as long as the vehicle was stolen after the public security organ determined that the vehicle was stolen

in this regard, many car owners said that such theft and rescue was biased, because the insurance company itself refused to pay for the scraping, rear end collision and other accidents after drinking. If you take a taxi home for safety after drinking, but the insurance company will not pay for the loss of the car, what is the function of the insurance company

various rates are basically unified.

it is reported that the terms and rates of the new version of auto insurance have been further unified. For example, the components of the pressure testing machine occurred five times in the previous year, and how to reduce the error of the pressure testing machine and the compensation for more than five times. When purchasing the new version of automobile insurance, the rate is based on the basic rate, and the unified biodegradable plastic went up 30% on the front stage, while the insurance company can not discount at will to grab business

in addition, among the three products, the rate division of vehicle damage insurance is basically unified

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