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On the morning of July 9, despite the scorching sun, nearly 100 candidates were still lined up at the gate of Lansi technology factory in Xingsha, Changsha County. Pengmengwu, the board secretary and deputy general manager of Lansi Technology Co., Ltd., told that from 2010 to 2012, the compound growth rate of the group's operating revenue and net profit remained around 100%. This year, the momentum of both production and sales continued, and the annual sales revenue is expected to exceed 30billion yuan

the whole box of special glass is transported in, and lansys technology processes it into precision, tablet computer window glass. Therefore, in the selection, it is also necessary to effectively consider these parameters, and then supply it to global IT giants such as apple and Samsung. According to the industry, as soon as the number of freight cars departing from here decreases, stores all over the world should worry about the shortage of goods, which will not only live up to the expectations of the majority of users for our company. The large-scale production of Lansi technology is supported by a manufacturing base with an area of 750 Mu and more than 40000 workers in Liuyang, a plant with more than 20000 workers in Xingsha, and a pear base with an area of 1800 mu, which is also under construction

Lansi technology was founded in Shenzhen in 2003. According to pengmengwu, Lansi technology was mainly used for the third type of general laboratory machine in the 20th century. It was signed and settled in Liuyang in December, 2006. With the full nanny service support of relevant departments at all levels, the factory located in Liuyang Biomedical Park quickly carried out various infrastructure construction. It was fully put into production in April, 2009 and immediately put into full production. In 2010, the company built a large plant in Liuyang, covering an area of more than 10000 square meters, and put it into operation within two months. Since then, 10 similar plants have been completed and put into operation according to this progress. In order to support development, the main leaders of Changsha City specially held on-site office meetings to coordinate the construction of a 110kV special substation for the relative error of Liuyang base torsion and corner measurement; When some leaders heard that lansys technology needed to ship goods by air due to customs declaration, and the logistics cost was high, they took the initiative to contact the Customs Department to solve the problem. In order to solve the housing problem of tens of thousands of industrial workers, relevant departments have specially coordinated the construction of public rental housing communities near the pear base in Changsha County

it is understood that Lansi technology is actively implementing the development strategy of extending to upstream industries. It has set up bases in Liling and Xiangtan, and plans to enter the processing and production of ceramics, sapphire and other new materials

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