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Gaoyou Ecological Environment Bureau issued measures to support enterprises' stable return to work and production. Release date: Source: Jiangsu ecological environment on February 10, with Yangzhou enterprises returning to work and production one after another, the difficulty of "external prevention input" and "internal non-proliferation" of epidemic control overlapped, and epidemic prevention and control ushered in new risks and challenges. In order to guide enterprises to effectively implement epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly observe the "import" of epidemic situation, and serve enterprises to strengthen environmental management and orderly resume production, Yangzhou Gaoyou Ecological Environment Bureau has concentrated its efforts to transfer 16 volunteers and set up an enterprise prevention and control team to provide one-to-one assistance to the industrial concentration area of Zhoushan town and 29 key enterprises in the town. At present, 2 enterprises in Zhoushan town have officially returned to work and 8 are planned to return to work

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build a "safety line" for resumption of work and production

the enterprise prevention and control team shall formulate daily work plans, refine measures and assign specific tasks to each person according to the enterprise's application for resumption of work and production: organize patrol inspection on the networking of enterprise's resumption of work information products, which has entered the practical stage in foreign countries, and inspect the enterprise's resumption date, employee information Su Ming, the protector, made a special report on the research on new energy industry policy, and reviewed and verified the capital reserve and other important links; Guide enterprises to improve epidemic prevention and control organizations, formulate work plans and environmental emergency plans during the epidemic period, improve epidemic prevention systems and measures, ensure protective materials, ensure the health and safety of employees, and avoid concentrated infection and cross infection; Together with the medical staff of Zhoushan health center, we will provide health protection training for the enterprises preparing to return to work, so as to escort the enterprises to return to work safely

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keep the "field" of environmental supervision

in order to ensure that the enterprise can effectively carry out environmental management while resuming production e, the enterprise prevention and control team actively intervenes, gives one-to-one guidance to the enterprises planning to return to work, investigates and understands the needs of the enterprise in environmental management, actively provides assistance policies, and solves the actual difficulties of the enterprise. On February 12, Gaoyou Ecological Environment Bureau formulated a letter to the enterprises returning to work and production throughout the city - ten tips on doing a good job in enterprise environmental protection management during the epidemic prevention and control period, which comprehensively reminded and guided the environmental management of enterprises returning to work and production, sorted out the frequent environmental violations of enterprises in ten aspects, guided the enterprises to implement the item by item comparison, and improved their own environmental management capabilities such as pollution control and prevention

the first batch of enterprises applying for resumption of work will be subject to the "top leader service system", which will make a good start, start a good start and take a good step for the resumption of work and production of enterprises in the town. From February 10, the chief responsible comrades and the director in charge of Gaoyou Ecological Environment Bureau went to the enterprise to supervise and guide the enterprise's epidemic prevention, control and environmental management after returning to work, sent additional personnel to assist the enterprise in measuring and registering the returned employees, signed the epidemic prevention and control commitment, inspected the implementation of prevention and control measures in production workshops, canteens and office places, and checked the operation of pollution prevention and control facilities, pollutant discharge and other environmental behaviors, Ensure healthy production, safe production and discharge of pollutants according to law

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laying a "shortcut" for stable development

on February 13, Gaoyou Ecological Environment Bureau formulated the utilization experiment of synthetic Eucommia glue of Qingdao Dipai New Material Co., Ltd. according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, combined with the Department's job responsibilities and management authority, which showed that the "measures for Gaoyou ecological environment bureau to support enterprises to return to work orderly and stably in response to the COVID-19", from the aspects of optimizing EIA approval services Strengthen the guidance of the "three Simultaneities" system, innovate the issuance methods of pollutant discharge permits, and encourage and guide the timely correction of minor violations. With more powerful, orderly and effective ecological environment supervision services, we will pave the way for the stable development of enterprises and the accelerated economic recovery, help win the war of prevention and control of epidemic diseases, and jointly promote pollution control and economic development

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