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In recent years, the types of prepackaged food in China have increased rapidly. In order to protect consumers' right to know and improve the overall health level of the people, the Ministry of Health recently solicited public opinions on the nutrition label standard for prepackaged food. This shows that consumers will see more qualified nutrition labels in the future. The nutrition label is marked with the technical indicators of energy and protein, carbon hydration multifunctional intelligent tensile testing machine, the content of four core nutrients, fat and sodium, and nrv%. Nrv% is the percentage of the reference value of nutrients, indicating the proportion of nutrients contained in food in the recommended daily intake of human body. Reading nutrition labels can help people balance their diet

although the nutrition label standard for over flow and over temperature inspection of prepackaged food is still in the stage of soliciting opinions, in principle, it is not only related to query words, but many excellent nutrition labels have emerged in the market. For example, Mars' graphical nutrition label explains nutrition information to consumers in a more intuitive way. When you see that the nrv% in the energy label is 12%, this bag of chocolate can meet 12% of the daily energy needs of the human body, that is, the consumer needs to absorb 88% of the energy needed in the day from other foods. If consumers are good at using the information provided by the nutrition label to build a balanced diet, it will help to cultivate healthy students. The problem is that a certain batch of products in the process of mass production

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