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Shenzhen Jingda Machinery Co., Ltd. grandly held the on-site exhibition of its latest product - "superbinder-6000" in its Shenzhen Songgang assembly plant. At the same time, nearly 100 leaders of Shenzhen printing association and representatives of Shenzhen printing enterprises attended the exhibition

the guests first visited the general assembly plant of Jingda company. There was a full-automatic intelligent glue binding linkage line for demonstration - "superbinder-6000", which aroused the great interest of the guests. Mr. Zhengbin, general manager of Jingda company, has now enabled the experimental machine to give full play to its maximum working efficiency and acted as a commentator. He introduced to the guests that this production line is the highest equipped and multi-functional model produced by Jingda company with high-quality imported spare parts, which took more than two years of research and development. It represents the highest level of five protection and troubleshooting similar products of Jinan experimental machine in China, Compared with imported products, it is no inferior

superbinder-6000 full-automatic intelligent glue binding linkage line is one of the highest configured models in the world at present. It has the characteristics of automation, humanization and environmental protection. It is the 5 Ex factory inspection declaration: one representative work, which was also praised by foreign colleagues after visiting the factory

at the subsequent symposium, Zhengbin, general manager of Jingda company, expressed great emotion about China's printing equipment manufacturing industry. He said: China's printing technology is relatively mature, but most of the high-end printing equipment is imported from abroad. The Chinese market has a great demand for printing equipment, but so far there is no good international brand. Therefore, Jingda wants to create its own brand for Chinese people and build a professional manufacturer of international book binding equipment. The purpose of Jingda with the economic recovery is "not to be big but to be good, not to be many but to be fine"

at the same time of the exhibition, a member exchange activity of Shenzhen printing association was also held, proposing to celebrate the 20 years of the establishment of Shenzhen printing association, and the selection of 100 honest enterprises and AAA enterprises in Shenzhen printing industry

Jingda, founded in 1994, is a manufacturer specializing in the production of bookbinding equipment for books and periodicals. It mainly produces a series of glue binding machines, a series of iron wire binding machines, a series of sewing binding machines and a series of three side book cutting machines. Over the past 11 years, Jingda has won praise from China and the international market for its perseverance and excellence. Its products have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany and Italy. Jingda's efforts have aroused the interest of world-class professional manufacturers and successfully carried out international cooperation and exchanges in various ways

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