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Corner sofa is usually placed in the corner of the wall, which makes the whole space look more beautiful, and can meet people's different needs of sitting or lying. It is more and more popular with consumers. When buying sofas, the price is a major factor we consider. Is the corner sofa expensive? In order to make the sofa last longer, we also need to maintain the sofa. What about the maintenance of the sofa? Next, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the price of corner sofa and how to maintain it

I. price of corner sofa

Quanyou furniture modern simple style living room small family fabric sofa combination corner sofa price is about 4000 yuan

renpai European style sofa simple solid wood fabric sofa living room small family corner combination sofa simple European set leather sofa price is about 1500-4500 yuan

right and left sofas fabric sofas fabric sofas in the corner of the modern living room can be disassembled and washed, and the price is about 7500 yuan

a European style sofa French solid wood frame fabric sofa combination corner living room sofa furniture three person + middle + left imperial concubine removable price is about 5700 yuan

Quguan sofa modern simple style large and small family living room fabric sofa combination corner fabric sofa furniture four + pedal removable washing price is about 2000 yuan

Li Meishi simple style, large and small house type, fabric sofa, modern living room, fashionable furniture, corner sofa combination, removable and washable, the price is about 3500-5500 yuan

wooden sail home modern Chinese style solid wood sofa combination rubber wood corner sofa small family wooden cloth art living room sofa furniture walnut single seat + four seats + imperial concubine seat + coffee table price is about 5500 yuan

jufarisa furniture European style solid wood living room leather sofa combination small family leather art L-shaped corner sofa price is about 5600-6700 yuan

II. How to maintain the sofa

1. Leather sofa

leather sofa cannot be placed in the place where the sun shines directly. The room where the leather sofa is placed should always be ventilated. If the indoor environment is too dry or wet, it will lead to leather aging. We can use wet towels to clean the leather sofa. After cleaning, we also need to apply a layer of special protective fluid to the leather sofa. We can make a sofa cushion for the leather sofa. In daily use, don't jump on the leather sofa. If you don't use the leather sofa, we can cover it with a sofa cover

2. Fabric sofa

when we use fabric sofa everyday, we should not sit in one place all the time. We'd better sit in different positions to make the wear of fabric sofa as uniform as possible. The cushion of fabric sofa can be properly exposed to the sun and patted, so as to maintain the elasticity of sofa. If there are stains on the fabric sofa, we can wipe it with a clean wet cloth. We should pay attention to that if the fabric sofa is velvet, then we should use dry cleaner to clean it. All cloth covers of cloth sofa can only be dry cleaned, not bleached

Xiaobian summary: This is a brief introduction to the price of corner sofa and how to maintain it. I hope that after reading this article, I can provide you with reference and help




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