Three steps to choose a radiator

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Three steps for choosing radiator:

three steps for choosing radiator:

1 After long-term use of radiators, the color will darken. Some consumers choose colored radiators. If they use them for a long time, such as red, blue, yellow, etc., they must consider that the color will deepen after a period of time. If they are afraid of affecting the indoor decoration effect, experts suggest that they should try to choose white radiators

2. If you choose radiators correctly, consumers will feel confused when choosing radiators. Take an HVAC supermarket for example. There are dozens of radiator brands, large and small, but there is no unified standard for how to select them. Only listen to the salesperson's introduction for screening. Therefore, remind consumers that they must follow the principle of "asking more, seeing more and distinguishing more" when shopping, starting from the details of the product, and don't choose blindly because the product is "fooled" good or the price is high. For example, consumers should look at the surface technology of radiators when choosing. Good steel radiators are mostly treated with "plastic spraying technology", which has a smooth surface and natural luster, and will not appear uneven

3. For the installation of radiators, the installation of radiators is very critical. Some families are not warm in winter. In fact, it is not the problem of radiators, but that they did not install the system according to the basic principles at the beginning. Consumers had better buy radiators in regular shopping malls and HVAC supermarkets, so that installation and after-sales can be guaranteed

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