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Marriage is the beginning of a lifetime of happiness. From acquaintance to marriage, the sweetness and happiness of love should be integrated into the atmosphere of marriage. A new marriage, of course, requires a new living environment, not to mention the Chinese folk tradition is very particular about the layout of the bridal chamber. Therefore, happy newlyweds should naturally fully reflect this festivity in the layout of their new houses, so they should pay special attention to the decoration design of their new houses. The life of modern people is rich and colorful. Modern young people are full of creativity. Compared with the past, modern people's life is more romantic, adds the flavor of many petty bourgeoisie, and adds a few cultural atmosphere. The layout of the new house is naturally unique. The decoration styles of romantic wedding houses can be summarized into the following ten kinds:

first, round and full style. Thin lines are pulled on the roof of the bridal chamber and colored balloons of different sizes are tied to symbolize the harmony and perfection of life and career. 2、 Forever. The floor of the bridal chamber is dominated by light colored tiles, and then 9 darker tiles are evenly inserted and distributed; Set 2&mdash in the lower part of the room; Four spotlights, so that the light extends to the far point of the ceiling, that is, the meaning of everlasting (9)

III. The process of love. A series of black-and-white and color photos of the couple from childhood to adulthood, love and marriage are hung on the wall of the bridal chamber, fully showing their growth experience and sweet love history. 4、 Lyrical prose style. Buy some beautiful parasols, cut the handle short, open it and hang it upside down on the roof, and take their marriage as prose, ‘ Beauty lies in the scattering of forms (umbrellas) but not the scattering of ideas ’ The metaphor is most suitable for cultural couples

v. unforgettable tonight. During the wedding ceremony and the gathering of guests from all over the world, spread out a light colored curtain cloth and invite all guests to sign, inscribe and inscribe on it. If the bride and groom have painting skills, they can also make a simple picture together and hang this commemorative curtain on the window of the bridal chamber to make the honeymoon unique and give special respect to the guests

VI. dreamlike style. The walls and ceilings of the bridal chamber are sprayed with colorful wall decoration paint, which takes abstraction and obscurity as the keynote, creating a dreamy and mysterious daydream effect, making the newly married honeymoon full of romance. 7、 Drunk into flowers. When sending invitations to relatives and friends, it can be specially noted that the expected precious gifts are: ‘ One of various bouquets ’. Arranging all kinds of bouquets sent by the people in the bridal chamber has a variety of garden effects. It is not only economical, but also creates the artistic conception of being drunk into the flowers. VIII. Love river rafting. A decorative painting of natural scenery is pasted on the wall close to the bed. The bottom edge of the painting is best close to the bed, which makes people feel like in the painting. In the forest, green mountains and green water, the bed is like a boat, carrying a happy partner, drifting in the river of love. It makes people feel like in the picture, in the forest, green mountains and green water, the bed is like a boat, carrying a happy partner, drifting in the river of love. 9、 Love has its own way. On the appropriate wall of the bedroom, hang a large wedding photo of the new couple or a single photo of the man and the woman, and decorate it with a luxurious picture frame, such as a special Western plaster frame, which can expand its visibility and show the love of both parties. This is especially suitable for couples who often live apart. 10、 Holy hall style. The interior decoration is mainly white. Whether furniture, walls or bedding are white, even the flowers in the vase are white carnations in full bloom to reflect the sanctity of love

couples wandering in love are looking forward to a romantic wedding and new house in everyone's heart. The most important thing is that there is a person who loves himself and the person he loves to accompany him to grow old slowly, and a romantic life is accompanied by his home! With love




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