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Nowadays, the implementation of civilization has undoubtedly become a way for many door and window companies to promote their brands. However, how to wear a civilized coat is a topic worthy of discussion

as the saying goes, "small companies rely on bosses, medium-sized companies rely on norms, and large companies rely on civilization". Is it difficult for small companies to play civilized? No. The original civilized implementation has nothing to do with the size of the company's plan, but that each period of the company's development should have its own focus, rather than just a single item. The difference lies in the different proportions of various factors

therefore, the importance of civilization in every stage of the company's development is clear

we should know that civilization is appropriate for a company's brand added value, but the company must not kidnap civilization for the sake of civilization promotion, which is a proper and simple implementation method

others invite big names, you invite more famous big names, others name ball games, and you are also a thousand people. If the door and window company only promotes civilization for the purpose of hyping civilization, it really just gives its own company civilization a "label", but inadvertently becomes a "pseudo civilization", which violates the real meaning of civilization

writing civilization into products is only a way to implement it. The eternal focus of a method is excellent products. Without regard to the quality of products, no matter how good the coat of civilization is, it is like "the emperor's new clothes", which is like a lie to attract the public

to promote real civilization, we should appropriately integrate brand value into products, strive to explore the uniqueness of our own products, and then select the civilization concepts that fit it, so as to do a sophisticated corporate civilization activity with a sophisticated implementation activity

door and window companies should understand that to reach the top of Maslow's pyramid, the first thing to meet is physiological needs. When the material is met, we can seek a higher level of ideas, quality and civilization. After all, there are still a few who can directly cross the material to the energy

therefore, in the process of development, the company should treat the "coat of civilization" calmly. Once you wear it, you must wear its due "texture" to guide consumers to get the due consistency and satisfaction from the products you invented and the brand civilization of the products





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