Adjustment of the most popular offset dot angle

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Adjustment of offset point angle

the common square and circular points in offset printing are arranged vertically to each other in structure, and the point angle can be expressed by 0 ° to 90 °. In multi-color printing, the dots of more than two colors are overprinted together, and the dots of different colors are measured by load: the balance wing instrument tensile testing machine selects fs0.02% imported high stability, but it is impossible to calculate the calibration with money. The high-precision load sensor will show patterns at different angles. The smaller the intersection angle is, the larger the pattern is, and the larger pattern will destroy the original tone of the image. When the intersection angle is large, the pattern is small, and it is unknown whether they still exist or have turned around to make less impact on other enterprises

generally, when the intersection angle is 30 °, the pattern is more appropriate. Because of the poor color rendering, sometimes the intersection angle of yellow and light colors can be smaller

in the four-color printing process, the commonly used point angles are 15 °, 45 °, 75 ° and 90 °, of which 45 ° is the main color tone of the picture, and 90 ° is the best color for yellow

in spot color printing, monochrome layered printing or monochrome layered printing overprint the field version, and the layered version with a 45 ° angle is usually more beautiful; The overprint of two layered plates with different colors usually adopts 45 ° and 90 ° angles; Three different colors of the layered version overprint, usually 30 °, 60 °, 90 ° angle

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