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Adjustment of offset drum center distance (II)

the three-point support structure not only avoids the difficulty of eccentric sleeve processing, but also has almost no accuracy requirements for wallboard holes. The disadvantages of this structure are difficult installation and adjustment, and poor seismic performance

(figure center distance adjustment mechanism)

2 Adjustment mechanism of drum center distance

the adjustment mechanism of drum center distance of domestic offset press is usually called pressure regulator. As shown in the figure, the upper group is the pressure regulator of the plate cylinder, and the lower group is the pressure regulator of the blanket cylinder. The structure is basically the same. During adjustment, manually rotate the shaft 1, drive the helical gear 3 on the other shaft through the screw 2, and make the sector gear 4 rotate. The gear 4 and the eccentric sleeve 5 are fixed and rotate together, so as to adjust the center distance of the drum. In order to improve the accuracy of adjustment, the backlash of the meshing gear must be reduced as much as possible. The locking screw 6 should be loosened before adjustment and locked after adjustment

the direction (I) on the adjustment scale indicator indicates that the center distance increases. (10) Direction indicates that the center distance decreases

3 measurement and adjustment method of drum center distance

domestic offset press determines the center distance on ensuring the correct meshing relationship of gears by measuring the clearance of drum pillow. Thickness gauge or soft lead wire is generally used to measure the clearance of drum pillow. Practice has proved. It is more accurate to use soft lead wire for rolling measurement, and the effect of rolling lead wire at the same time on both rolling pillows is better. When measuring with lead wire, put the lead wire on the gap of the closed roller pillow and rotate the machine at a low speed. The lead wire is pressed into thin sheets with the rotation of the drum, and then measure the thickness of the lead wire pressed into thin sheets, and then refer to the values given in the instructions. Adjust the center distance of the drum

for the printing press without roller pillow and roller pillow contact, the distance between the two roller bodies can be measured, and the measured distance can be measured with a special plug gauge

when adjusting the center distance of the roller, it should be noted that the traditional rearview mirror uses a design called light splitting to reduce the glare of the front lights of the vehicles behind:

(1) clean the dirt on the surface of the roller to avoid affecting the accuracy of the measurement of the roller pillow gap

(2) remove the drum gasket and measure it without contact pressure

(3) first adjust the center distance between the blanket cylinder and the impression cylinder, and then adjust the center distance between the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder

(4) after adjustment, carefully check the gap between any three points on the surface of the roller pillow and the roller, and be sure to keep the center distance and parallelism of the roller correct

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the micro adjustment of the center distance of the drum of modern high-speed offset press is completed on the computer interface, and the basic principle is the same

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