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The sales volume of excavators in August exceeded the expectation again, and the relevant companies were concerned.

the sales volume of excavators in August exceeded the expectation again.

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according to the report, according to the organization, Chinese scholars attended the 6th International Friction and fatigue Society Symposium. According to the communication with industry people, it is expected that the sales volume of domestic excavators in August will increase by 30% year-on-year, about 10000 sets, In addition, about 1.2 Vickers hardness testers were exported, which played a role in aluminum profiles, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 40%, higher than the previous market expectations. The industry said that the sales of excavators continued to exceed expectations, possibly because the market was affected by pessimistic expectations of real estate and was overly worried about downstream construction, ignoring the mandatory renewal brought by infrastructure investment and environmental factors. Recently, domestic macro policies have been loosened to stabilize domestic demand and expand infrastructure, helping the demand for construction machinery grow faster than expected. Pay attention to leading excavator enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry and XCMG machinery, which are expected to benefit

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