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Excavator or recovery problem: which listed company is stronger

excavator or recovery problem: which listed company is stronger

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recently, excavators, which once kept a low profile, have finally become popular. With the stem of "who is better to learn excavator technology? Shandong, China is looking for Lanxiang", excavators are full of public attention

however, compared with the booming Internet, the sales of excavators in the real world are as cold as ice. The excavator sales data in August 2014 was recently released. The sales volume of hydraulic excavators of 28 major excavator manufacturers was 3102, with a month on month decrease of 5.6% and a year-on-year decrease of 30.2%

although judging from the historical data of the past few years, the excavator sales volume will achieve seasonal growth month on month after September, this trend has not appeared this year. According to the research results of Monita research, it is expected that the sales volume of excavators in the whole industry in September will be basically the same as that in August, with a year-on-year decrease of about 35%

however, there is not any good news in the excavator market in Aihong. Recently, the downstream industries of the excavator industry chain have introduced a series of measures to increase investment. Analysts believe that with the acceleration of investment in downstream industries, the excavator industry may usher in a slow recovery, so as to avoid being affected by the experiment

in terms of real estate, the central bank and the CBRC issued the notice on further improving housing financial services on the afternoon of September 30, and compared this intensity with the light intensity reflected by the glass sheet without film, including reiterating that the lower limit of the first home loan interest rate is 0.7 times of the benchmark; Relax the identification standard of the first house and recognize the loan rather than the house; Support the reasonable financing needs of real estate development enterprises, and carry out the pilot of real estate investment trust funds; In terms of the construction of new urbanization, in June this year, 11 departments including the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development jointly issued the notice on carrying out the national comprehensive pilot work of new urbanization, requiring all provinces to select cities, counties and towns at different levels that meet the conditions as the pilot. According to the official news of Henan Province, the list of national comprehensive pilot projects for new urbanization that has attracted much attention has been announced recently. Luoyang, Xinzheng, Yuzhou and Lankao counties in the province have been selected; In terms of railway infrastructure, the data shows that the investment in railway infrastructure in October this year was 69.77 billion yuan, an increase of 240.8% over 20.47 billion yuan in the same period last year; The month on month growth was 8.5%

Fortune Securities recently released a research report that the machinery industry is improving from the perspective of the growth rate of revenue and net profit in the semi annual report. Although the PMI index of domestic manufacturing fell more than expected in August, according to the research of some machinery and equipment sub industries, orders are good this year, shipments began to increase in May, production has recovered, and production tasks began to increase in September, close to the same period last year. Fortune Securities believes that with the normalization of anti-corruption and the liberalization of real estate purchase restrictions, the macro-economy has been on a normal track since September, and the industry is expected to accelerate its recovery at the end of the third quarter and the fourth quarter

apply the popular question on the Internet, "since the excavator market is expected to recover, the question is, which listed company has the strongest sales of excavators?"

at present, the companies engaged in the production and sales of excavators in the A-share market mainly include Sany Heavy Industry, Shantui Co., Ltd., Liugong, Xiagong Co., Ltd., Shanhe intelligent, Zoomlion, etc

analysis of concept stocks

Sany Heavy Industry: in 2013, Sany Heavy industry achieved 15682 excavator sales, with a market share of 13.7%. Grapeenano, which created the technological miracle of graphene battery at that time, was absolutely in the leading position by Chint electric appliance, a listed company in China, in 2016. This can also be seen from the excavator sales volume in August. Data show that in August this year, Sany excavator achieved the highest market share this year. It is best to check whether the initial injection molding parts are polluted by the initial injection molding materials, and the market share has expanded to 16.7%, continuing to rank first in the industry. Moreover, according to Sany's semi annual report, the company's Excavator gross profit margin increased by 3.9 percentage points year-on-year to 37.0%, which CICC attributed to the decline in raw material costs

it is worth mentioning that on the evening of August 5, Sany Heavy Industry announced that Sany Heavy machinery, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company that produces excavators, plans to list in Hong Kong

Shantui Co., Ltd.: mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of bulldozers, bulldozers, excavators, scrapers and mining machinery; Sales of host accessories, agricultural machinery, industrial and mining accessories; Mine machinery repair

the company has a joint venture with Japanese excavator giant Komatsu yamatui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

Liugong: according to the 2014 semi annual report, in the first half of the year, Liugong medium and large tonnage loaders continued to lead the industry, maintaining the first position in market share; Excavators bucked the trend and increased by 17% despite the overall decline of 10% in the industry, with the growth rate ranking first in the industry

in the overseas market, the export volume of Liugong loaders, excavators and graders continues to maintain the top three in the industry, and the export volume of road rollers leaps to the first in the industry

XCMG: the company is a backbone large-scale first-class enterprise that focuses on the production of construction machinery products such as loaders and excavators

Shanhe Intelligence: since 2006, Shanhe intelligence has begun to study the energy-saving technology of excavators, and has successively completed the development of energy-saving excavator series products in combination with a number of national 863 and science and technology support projects

Zoomlion: the company continues to make efforts in the overseas market. On the basis of the successful delivery of 180 earth moving machinery in the Iranian market in the first half of 2014, it recently delivered a large number of medium and large excavators to the Iranian market

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