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Excessive packaging and its treatment

excessive packaging, on the one hand, focuses on improving the quality and efficiency of development, which is a waste of resources; on the other hand, it pollutes the environment and causes excessive consumption. There is no doubt that over packaging is harmful to individuals and countries

basic functions of packaging

as we all know, packaging has seven functions: protecting commodities, beautifying commodities, saving costs, facilitating storage and transportation, facilitating measurement, guiding consumption, and improving the added value of products. The additives added can be repeatedly reprocessed without seriously damaging their original functions. To sum up, there are two main purposes of packaging: one is to protect goods, and the other is to promote the sale of goods. The former is a functional purpose, which embodies the essence of commodity packaging, so we must protect commodities well; The latter is a value-added purpose, which shows the charm and effect of packaging and mainly plays the role of promotion. Therefore, packaging is usually divided into transportation packaging and sales packaging

with the development of national economy, the expansion of foreign trade and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for commodity packaging is increasing, and the requirements for packaging are also increasing. Especially with the development of market economy, from the seller's market to the buyer's market, the market is easy to form a situation of large supply and demand. Therefore, the requirements for the role of packaging promotion are becoming higher and higher

over packaging

although packaging has many functions, not all goods need packaging to play all its functions, but often play some main functions according to demand. For example, some commodities mainly play the functions of beautifying commodities, guiding consumption and improving added value, such as moon cake packaging. On the market, moon cake packaging includes "naked" retail, ordinary carton packaging, and high-end gift packaging. These packaging meet the consumer needs of people at different levels. Through careful design, the exquisite container shape, exquisite printing and exquisite patterns set off the image of the moon cake. Through packaging, it shows the closeness, admiration and missing of the recipient, and to a large extent, through packaging, it reflects China's ancient and modern culture. High grade gift wrapped moon cakes are suitable for the needs of some high-level consumers, and there is a market in a certain range. This is similar to the packaging of famous wine and tea. The high-end packaging of famous wine and tea reflects the wine culture and tea culture. Similarly, the high-end packaging of precious moon cakes also reflects the moon cake culture. In ancient times, there was a story of "buying a coin and returning a pearl", which implied that we should not put the cart before the horse, but it also explained the charm and effect of packaging. In economically developed European and American countries, some valuable commodities, such as French perfume and XO wine, are also packed in quite high-end packaging

basic situation of China's packaging industry

before the reform and opening up, China implemented a planned economy, and the market economy was underdeveloped. For a long time, the packaging industry has a weak foundation, outdated equipment, backward technology and decentralized management. Since the reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly, and its growth rate is higher than that of the national economy, but it is still backward compared with economically developed countries. In economically developed countries, packaging industry has a significant position, even as a pillar industry. In the United States, the packaging industry ranks fifth in all industries of the national economy, second only to the construction industry, automobile industry, petrochemical industry and information industry. In Germany, the packaging industry ranks sixth, while China's packaging industry ranks 16th. Now take Jiangsu Province as an example. Although the packaging industry in Jiangsu Province is relatively developed, and the output value of the packaging industry ranks second in the country, accounting for about 1/6 of the total output value of the national packaging industry, the output value of the packaging industry in Jiangsu Province accounts for only about 2.2% of the total industrial output value of the province, which is far lower than the proportion of the packaging industry in economically developed countries. Therefore, accelerating the development of packaging industry is the main direction and the mainstream. We should make China a big packaging country and a powerful packaging country as soon as possible

Promote the demonstration and utilization of the first (set) of major technical equipment

control over over packaging

entrusted by the State Economic and Trade Commission, the China Packaging Technology Association is preparing the "several opinions on further promoting the development of China's packaging industry", which refers to the introduction of the "Regulations on the administration of commodity packaging" as soon as possible. On this basis, tracking the current situation and development trend of foreign packaging legislation, combined with the actual situation in China, formulate and implement China's "packaging law" and "packaging waste treatment law". Regulations should also be formulated for excessive packaging in the future. First of all, we should clarify the purpose of controlling excessive packaging, that is, to reduce the burden of consumers and protect their legitimate rights and interests. Excessive packaging is caused by some commodity production enterprises blindly pursuing enterprise interests and excessively increasing the added value of commodities, regardless of social benefits and the interests of the people. According to the statistics of relevant departments, China's moon cake manufacturers spend more than 1billion yuan on packaging every year. Huge excessive packaging costs are undoubtedly passed on to consumers. The phenomenon of over packaging has been extended to nutrition, health food and other fields, making consumers spend a lot of money in vain. Some are helpless, some complain, and some have strong reactions. In addition, excessive packaging will undoubtedly consume a lot of resources and cause certain damage to the ecological environment. Taking Shanghai as an example, there is a definite distinction between the 1000 square boxes of moon cakes produced in Shanghai every year and the previous models. Even if these moon cakes are not over packaged, they will consume about 400 to 600 trees with a diameter of 10 cm at breast height. What's more, the excessive packaging is so serious

secondly, we should consider the means to control excessive packaging, formulate corresponding laws and regulations, clearly stipulate that excessive packaging is an illegal act, and limit excessive packaging through legal means. First, the proportion and number of layers of commodity packaging should be limited. For example, the packaging volume should be controlled at% of the commodity volume (except buffer packaging); The second is to limit the cost of commodity packaging in the whole commodity. For example, the packaging cost should be controlled at 15% - 20% of the commodity cost. The third is to impose a "waste recycling charge" on manufacturers who have made excessive packaging, and a "garbage cleaning charge" on consumers who throw away excessive packaging after purchasing over packaged goods, so as to limit excessive packaging through tax leverage

when dealing with excessive packaging, we should combine governance with guidance. The government and industry associations should strengthen guidance, strengthen publicity, guide enterprises and society to establish and strengthen the concept of opposing excessive packaging, and promote appropriate packaging, so as to achieve the purpose of saving costs and resources

In short, we should use legal, economic and administrative means to curb and eliminate the phenomenon of excessive packaging of goods from all aspects

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