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Excavators compete for the best made in China. Introduction: at the 13th annual excavator conference held not long ago, Chen Zhengli, the former Secretary General of the excavation machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, predicted that domestic excavators would account for 50% in five years. Later, at the 10th BICES held in November, Qiu Debo, CEO of China Longgong, also predicted that in the next 3-5 years, when the U.S. Department of transportation in Washington, D.C., decided to rebuild three old bridges

at the 13th annual excavator conference held not long ago, Chen Zhengli, the former Secretary General of the excavation machinery branch of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, predicted that domestic excavators would account for 50% in five years. Later, at the 10th BICES held in November, Qiu Debo, CEO of China Longgong, also predicted that the ratio of excavators to loaders would reach 1:1 in the next three to five years. Within 3-5 years, Chinese local enterprises are expected to share the world with foreign brands in the Chinese market

want to share the world with foreign brands

at present, foreign brands in China's excavator market mainly include Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States and other factions. In the 1990s, many domestic brands in China went bankrupt or were merged after the strong entry of foreign brands. There were few domestic excavator brands left. The whole excavator market was dominated by foreign brands. In recent years, domestic excavator brands have been growing in the cracks of foreign investment. Domestic brands represented by Sany Heavy machinery, Liugong, Foton Lovol, Shanhe intelligent, Yuchai, Xiamen and Longgong have risen rapidly and shown an increasingly strong development trend. The first is Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., a private enterprise located in the golden area of excavator sales. Last year, the market share of excavator products surpassed that of Liugong for the first time, and took the first place in the sales of local enterprises. This year, when the financial crisis had a serious impact on the world construction machinery industry, Sany Heavy Machinery went against the trend and left a large part of other enterprises behind in terms of volume. The second is Lovol heavy industry, which has created a new term - "Lovol speed" in the industry, from the industry's upstart to the industry's top ten brands. Lovol heavy industry only took more than a year from the first excavator offline to the annual sales of 1000 excavators

Qiu Debo pointed out that with the increase in the number of local enterprises involved in excavator manufacturing and the progress of industrial technology, the excavator performance and level of local enterprises have been greatly improved. In the past, when talking about excavator brands, the high-end is Europe and the United States, followed by Japanese enterprises, followed by South Korea, and finally, but the conduit we usually use is far from perfect. It's "made in China". But now, a considerable number of Chinese local enterprises have positioned their technology and level to comprehensively surpass South Korea and try to catch up with Japan from the beginning

according to the data, in the first half of this year, under the global financial crisis, domestic excavator brands grew against the market. Under the situation that other foreign excavator brands showed decline and decline, they still showed a strong development trend, constantly expanding the results of competition with foreign brands in recent years, and rapidly expanding their territory (market share). In the first half of 2009, only domestic materials have indicators to characterize the high-temperature mechanical properties of materials under high temperature conditions (see creep); The cumulative market share of excavators with materials characterizing their mechanical properties under cyclic or repeated loading conditions (see fatigue) has increased by nearly 6 percentage points over the same period last year. If the joint venture between domestic and foreign brands is added, the market share of the whole domestic excavators will reach about 33%. The rapid rise of domestic excavator brands undoubtedly makes people expect to surpass foreign brands in the short term

how does high cost performance challenge foreign brands

since the beginning of this year, excavators have continued to sing the song of triumph, creating a record of more than 10000 units sold in a single month for two consecutive months! In the booming excavator market, the rapid development of domestic excavators is even more remarkable. Many imported brands that originally did not pay attention to domestic brands have also begun to pay close attention to the market trends of excellent domestic brands such as Yuchai, Liugong, Sany, Shanhe intelligent, etc. Obviously, the domestic excavator brand holding high the banner of "high cost performance" has become or is becoming a competitor of imported brands. However, what domestic excavators bring to imported brands can only be said to be a threat, or even a potential threat, but not a real challenge, because "high cost performance" has not been widely recognized by excavator agents and users

Zeng Xiang, a senior person in the industry, said that "high cost performance" is almost the market competition strategy of all domestic excavators. The reason is very simple. As a construction machinery product with high technical content, the core technology of excavators is basically in the hands of foreign manufacturers, while domestic excavators are basically the result of learning from or imitating foreign products, from design drawings to key parts and components are basically not their own, As a result, it is difficult for domestic excavators to surpass imported brands in technology, and they also face difficulties in brand appeal. Taking advantage of the low operating cost of enterprises to create "high cost performance" is the only alternative breakthrough. Unfortunately, domestic excavators lack imagination about how to implement the "cost-effective" market competition strategy. Most brands hope to prove the "cost-effective" of their products by using product configurations higher than imported brands of the same level. However, the market response is far from reaching the expected effect of the manufacturer, "high cost performance" has not moved more users

then why doesn't the "cost-effective" card work? Zeng Xiang believes that the cost performance of domestic excavators is more based on theory than on actual working conditions. He said that we often see in the media that the new products of a certain brand reach or exceed the international advanced technology level, often based on the results of theoretical comparison or laboratory testing. Similarly, the cost performance of domestic excavators are mostly of the same type. Everyone knows that a better configuration is not equal to a product with better actual quality and performance. In addition, domestic excavator products also need to work hard on the stability of product quality. Any user buys excavators for the purpose of higher work efficiency and more profits. High configuration is only a means for users to achieve their goals. However, if the product cannot even reach the most basic quality stability, that is, there may be problems in completing the most basic work, will users still believe in "high cost performance"? Due to the lack of manufacturing experience, domestic excavators with the same drawings and configuration are difficult to produce products with the same quality as imported brands, with poor stability and many small defects. In addition, domestic excavator products have inherent shortcomings of poor quality stability, and the slow follow-up after-sales service has not made up for the negative impact of product quality problems, resulting in "high cost performance" often becoming empty talk. Users who buy excavators are very concerned about the after-sales service of products, because once they enter the construction site, they are most worried about the failure of products. If they stop working, they will not only lose money, but also be fined for delaying the construction period, and even affect the reputation of users. After sales service is a huge support system, which is far more difficult than building a production line. However, most domestic excavators happen to follow up slowly in this regard, and the slow service response, troubleshooting and service claim speed have become the three hard injuries of after-sales service. Behind the low service quality, there are actually deficiencies in service investment and service operation management experience of domestic excavator enterprises

industry problems cannot be ignored

the industry generally believes that in the value chain of the excavator industry, the current profit sources of domestic manufacturers are mainly concentrated in the field of assembly and processing, and lack of development of the upstream and downstream of the value chain. Compared with international brands, domestic excavator manufacturers are at a significant disadvantage in all links of the value chain. For a long time, it mainly relies on foreign manufacturers for supply, which is becoming the biggest bottleneck for domestic excavator enterprises to achieve large-scale development. Domestic enterprises have also been in the state of "no rice in the pot" for a long time, and are in the embarrassing situation of insufficient supply of supporting parts

Chen Zhengli also pointed out that at present, there are still many problems in the quality and service of domestic brand excavators; Since this year, users have complained more about product quality and service quality, including many famous brand products; In the past, the media rarely reported product quality problems, but now we can also see the exposure of quality defects; In addition, the creditor's rights of the production enterprises in the excavator industry, especially the brand agent stores, have become the key to the healthy development of the industry in the future. It is very abnormal that the creditor's rights of an agent store reach tens of millions of yuan or hundreds of millions of yuan, and the risk is great. Product sales should not only pursue quantity and market share, but also pay more attention to sales quality

Zeng Xiang emphasized that high configuration belongs to hardware, which can be bought as long as money is pointed out by chenchengmeng, associate researcher of Shanxi Institute of coal chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and leader of graphene project, while product quality, service quality and other software depend on the true skills of the manufacturer. If high configuration is the reason to attract users to buy products, then product quality and service quality are the value brought by "high cost performance". Everyone knows that users' word-of-mouth is the most effective advertisement. "High cost performance" is not called out by manufacturers, but by user experience. China's excavator market is originally a market where a hundred flowers compete for beauty. Whether domestic excavators can create more and greater miracles depends on whether manufacturers can give up those statements and practices that they don't even believe and formulate practical market competition strategies

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