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Excavators are very popular, with an average of nearly 1000 sold every day, increasing production and ensuring supply as the focus of the industry

according to the statistical data of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, in June this year, 25 excavator manufacturing enterprises included in the statistics sold 24600 excavators of all kinds, an increase of 62.9% year-on-year; In the first half of this year, these 25 enterprises sold a total of 170400 excavators, a year-on-year increase of 24.2%

based on this calculation, the 25 excavator manufacturing enterprises sold an average of 936 new excavators per day in the first half of the year

the domestic construction machinery industry continues to be popular, but the epidemic continues to spread abroad, resulting in some suppliers in Europe and the United States unable to supply key parts in time. In this situation, how to ensure the timely delivery of products has become an urgent challenge for the domestic industry

in order to solve the supply problem of construction machinery and alleviate the dependence of key parts of the industry on foreign manufacturers, many major domestic construction machinery manufacturers are steadily promoting the resumption of work and production, while also accelerating the localization process of key parts

the person in charge said that at present, the hydraulic cylinders and other products of Sany ZTE Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. have been fully supplied. The company has also become the world's largest and most diverse production base of hydraulic cylinders, breaking the foreign technological monopoly

in June last year, Sany Heavy Industry established a joint venture with DEUTZ company of Germany, and the problem of engine supply for domestic heavy truck manufacturers has also been solved. In July this year, Sany Heavy Truck officially adopted the engine independently developed by SANY, realizing the self-sufficiency of the key core components of truck power

"in addition, Sany Heavy Industry concrete pump truck chassis is also slowly getting rid of the dependence on imports and gradually promoting comprehensive self-made. At present, the self-made rate of pump truck chassis has exceeded 70%." The person in charge of Sany Heavy Industry said that more than half of the company's Excavator products have been fully localized

the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion also told the interface that from the end of February to the first ten days of March this year, Zoomlion's production capacity was rapidly restored, and 90% of the upstream and downstream supporting enterprises were promoted to resume production, providing help for the resumption of production of alliance customers and agents

the person in charge told that Zoomlion is accelerating its independent research and development and improving technology to reduce its dependence on imported raw devices. Take Zoomlion's engineering crane company as an example. At present, more than 90% of the parts of the crane company are sourced from domestic suppliers

excavator sales also experienced a poor start at the beginning of the year, but then rebounded rapidly and continued to this day

in February this year, the sales volume of excavators in the industry fell by more than 50% year-on-year, among which the domestic sales volume fell by more than 60%. In June, the total sales volume of excavators in the industry was 19200, a year-on-year decrease of 37%

since March, due to the continued strong market after the resumption of work and production, the sales volume of domestic excavators has increased against the trend, and the off-season sales show the characteristics of the off-season. In the second quarter, the sales volume of domestic excavators increased by more than 60%

this prompted construction machinery manufacturers to accelerate production. According to CCTV finance and economics, the output of XCMG's mechanical excavators increased by more than 50% year-on-year in the first half of the year; The output of Liugong mechanical excavators in Guangxi exceeded 20%, and the average monthly output hit a record high

China Machinery Industry Federation pointed out that thanks to the recovery and start-up of infrastructure investment and energy construction related projects, the production and sales of construction machinery and power generation equipment increased rapidly, especially the expansion of automotive material system; In the first half of the year, construction machinery products such as excavators, loaders, compaction machinery and concrete machinery increased comprehensively, and the output of excavators and concrete machinery exceeded 20%

in April this year, major construction machinery manufacturers such as Sany Heavy Industry, XCMG machinery, Zoomlion Heavy Industry and Liugong machinery successively announced price increases ranging from 5% to 10% for excavators, concrete pump trucks, loaders and other different products due to the huge impact of the global epidemic on the industrial chain and the increase in comprehensive production costs

many securities analysis institutions such as Southwest Securities and Pacific Securities pointed out that some key components in the domestic construction machinery industry, such as hydraulic parts, engines and chassis, are strengthened and improved in comprehensive utilization, which are dependent on Europe and Japan. The epidemic continues to spread abroad, affecting local production and supply, as well as the production and supply of the domestic construction machinery industry

Soochow Securities pointed out in April that with the mitigation of the domestic epidemic and the continuous recovery of downstream operating rates, the main contradiction in the construction machinery industry has shifted from the resumption of work and production to the problem of how suppliers can meet market demand

the construction machinery industry is increasing scientific research investment, which can also be seen from the statistical data of the industry association

according to the statistics of China Machinery Industry Federation, since April this year, the year-on-year growth rate of industry R & D expenses has changed from negative to positive. In the first half of the year, the industry revenue and profit were still in the background of negative growth, and the growth rate of R & D expenditure had reached double digits. 58.8% of the R & D expenses of key linked enterprises were year-on-year, 1 of which was due to the growth of low contraction rate

excavators are widely used in infrastructure construction such as water conservancy, power and roads, as well as real estate development, mining and other fields. Their sales are regarded as the wind vane and economic barometer of the construction machinery industry

the sales trend of excavators is also in line with the development trend of the domestic machinery industry. At the beginning of this year, affected by the COVID-19, the production and operation of the domestic machinery industry was severely impacted, and the main economic indicators fell in an all-round way in March, gradually stabilized in March, and the industry stabilized in the second quarter, with a clearer trend for the better

the construction machinery industry is one of the important industries of China's machinery industry. Its product market demand is greatly affected by the national infrastructure construction. Downstream customers are mainly concentrated in infrastructure, real estate and other investment intensive industries, which are closely related to the macroeconomic cycle

China Machinery Industry Federation pointed out that with the gradual release of macroeconomic policy effects, the demand market of the machinery industry will gradually recover and the operating environment will continue to improve in the second half of the year. However, due to the greater instability and uncertainty of the overseas epidemic, the international economic and trade situation is becoming more severe and complex, and the machinery industry is still facing greater downward pressure

according to the relevant person in charge of Sany Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry has achieved 100% resumption of production lines on March 20. While taking multiple measures to combat COVID-19, it continues to promote the construction of the company's intelligent manufacturing and lighthouse factories

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