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Analysis of printing market trend in the first half of 2013

I remember that at the beginning of the year, the author mentioned eight development directions of printing products, including safety, environmental protection, configuration, functions, etc., in the article "small upgrades and big changes predict what happened to printers in 2013". Half a year has passed, and more than half of it has been confirmed

looking back, the capacity time of vanadium battery energy storage system in these six months can range from 2 hours to 12 hours or even 24 hours. Laymen may feel that the market is too calm. Not only the number of new products on the market is much less than in previous years, but also the publicity offensive is not as strong as in the past. The author once interviewed a senior channel dealer. He said that this year is different from previous years, and it is very cold. For example, in the transitional period, the price war means to stop. Both low-end and high-end products are seeking technological transformation. Manufacturers put more energy into research and development and concept promotion, and do not disdain entanglement with rivals. As for the 3D concept, it is still difficult to enter the traditional channels. JD's involvement is just a gimmick, and most customers are purely for fun

from some data obtained by the author, it is not difficult to see that the market is indeed undergoing subtle changes. The popularity of inkjet printing products is declining, and manufacturers are showing signs of downsizing. Thanks to the rapid growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, laser printing products have gradually become the protagonist of the market. All-in-one machines are easier to sell than single function machines. Black and white monochrome products are coming out of the cycle of using ink to support machines. The number of color products is increasing, and their functions are becoming more and more powerful, Some are even introduced from the multi-function peripheral. In order to improve their selling points, manufacturers are a little willing to give up

strategic abandonment of low-end inkjet

with the continuous popularity of inkjet printers in the Chinese market, customer groups are constantly subdivided, and there are various customer needs, which can be divided into two categories. One category, because the number of customers printing is relatively large, they hope to reduce the printing cost in the later stage, and the other category is that the amount of printing is not very large, I hope to reduce the cost of buying printers at the initial stage. In order to cater to consumers, in recent years, first-line brands including canon, HP, Epson and so on have all implemented the machine sea strategy. Inkjet printing products with a price of less than 1000 yuan can reach more than 30 models at most, and the price is as low as 100 yuan

however, compared with the commercial market, the household market is easier to be saturated, hovering at low profits, and the renewal cycle of household users is longer. In addition, since the second half of last year, the price reduction of laser printing products again and again has made the competitiveness of inkjet printing products decline day by day. Even if manufacturers intentionally or unintentionally magnify the characteristics of color, environmental protection and low price, it is difficult for consumers to be attracted

at present, after combing the product line, the purpose of manufacturers has become clear, and there are signs of strategic abandonment of the low-end. Epson has got rid of its dependence on me series student computers and shifted its focus to commercial ink bin printers. Due to its prominent cost advantage and strong promotion in the early stage, Epson has become an important force in the 1000 yuan market and is very popular with small enterprises. Canon has set its sights on the medium and high-end with higher profits. Most of the printers and all-in-one machines launched at the beginning of the year are commercial, with fax function. Photo printing products emphasize print quality rather than print cost and purchase cost. HP mainly promotes Huishang series of commercial inkjet printing products, creating a new Guinness world record for printing speed

in the next few years, the fierce battle between high-speed commercial inkjet and mid-range black-and-white laser and color laser is inevitable

intelligent in-depth implementation

at present, the improvement of office products in hardware alone is difficult to meet the needs of users. The era of speed racing has ended. With the rapid development of information technology and increasingly fierce business competition, enterprises are no longer satisfied with independent and scattered office automation applications. What they need is collaborative, comprehensive and integrated solutions, but intelligent Personalization is becoming a new trend in the future development of desktop office equipment

in fact, all major manufacturers have their own understanding of intelligence, which has been reflected in new products. For example, in the past, writers used to use printers only after installing drivers. Now they don't need drivers, which is one of the manifestations of intelligence. The printer can automatically sleep according to the user's use frequency, which is also the embodiment of intelligence. Another example is that when the user walks within the operating range of the printer, the printing device can automatically wake up and enter the normal working state. When the user used to need multiple steps to complete the work, now it can be completed in one step. Of course, some brands have a thorough understanding. Canon, for example, took the lead in putting forward the concept of 4smart, that is, intelligent printing, intelligent scanning, intelligent control and intelligent management, so that intelligence can be integrated into every link of office document printing, and the workflow is optimized through the integration of one machine with multiple functions, the intelligent management method of combining software and hardware, the humanized operation and the quick integrated output scheme

as a breakthrough to break the homogenization, smart printing realizes the optimal control of office costs, greatly optimizes the user experience, improves the affinity of office equipment products, promotes the improvement of product use viscosity, and drives the development of the office equipment market

drum powder separation is hyped again

more and more consumers turn their attention to the late cost of printers. A round of money saving campaign has been launched in China before, which can wreck the manufacturers. Some simply reduce the price of consumables, some simply buy one for free, and some revisit the concept of drum powder separation, emphasizing that because the selenium drum is separated from the toner box, the toner box only needs to be replaced with a new toner box after it is used up, It can not only reduce the expenditure of consumables, but also protect the environment, which is quite smart

it's no surprise to see the hype of printing products. Manufacturers are instilling a view to users that drum powder separation is much cheaper than drum powder integration, because the photosensitive drum does not need to be replaced every time. However, this is not the case. According to the different photosensitive materials, selenium drum can be divided into three types: OPC drum, Se drum and ceramic drum. In terms of composition, OPC drums generally have only three layers and a short service life, generally only 3000 pages. The surface of Se drum and ceramic drum is composed of four to five layers of materials, especially ceramic drum. The fourth layer is the first protective layer, the fifth layer is the second protective layer, and the fourth and fifth layers are used to protect the photosensitive layer, so the service life is extremely long, which can reach 100000 pages. Therefore, many manufacturers play word games and shout the slogan of lifelong replacement of selenium drum. In fact, if the printer really needs to be used under high load for three to five years, the photosensitive drum also needs to stop cooking

the author has calculated a sub account. The separated toner drum seems to have a low cost, but the overall cost is not different from that of the integrated toner drum, and some are even higher. The reason for this hype is that at present, consumers are too sensitive to printing costs and have a serious price comparison mentality. When technology cannot make a substantive breakthrough, manufacturers have reduced printing costs in disguise by this means, under the banner of environmental protection. Let the fish bite the hook first. When it's time to change the photosensitive drum, consumers are entangled in the face of a lot of investment. In the end, most of them will buy a new printer for recycling consumption

3d printers are popular in JD.

now search for keyword printers in Baidu, and all of them are 3D printers. For a time, it has become an omnipotent artifact. According to various reports, as small as a screw, as large as a house, and even * * * * that can fire real bullets, can be printed with this artifact. It is also known as the booster of the third industrial revolution, and even subverts the existing manufacturing system

just when everyone is curious about 3D printers, cube3d, the second-generation 3D printer launched by 3dsystems, is listed on It is the first 3D printer that meets the safety certification of all iec60950 printers. Its printing speed is 1.5 times that of the first generation. At the same time, it has many advantages, such as a touch-sensitive operation interface, WiFi and 25 kinds of printer templates, and the price is 14999. In addition, 699 yuan of consumables are provided. According to the person in charge of sales of, oneortwo of them are sold every day. Even they feel surprised, so that the stock is insufficient, and some models of consumables have been sold out

what's more interesting is that most of the products originally used in the field of engineering design are purchased by individuals rather than unit customers because they are quite interesting. A waiter who sells 3D printers on Taobao said that customers mostly use them to print some little yellow ducks, shells, water cups and so on that children like

the author once tried this 3D printer to print a small medicine box. In order to increase the difficulty, the bottle mouth and cover are equipped with two turns of threads. The whole printing process takes 62 minutes, and the threads can match, and the hardness can be guaranteed. However, in terms of appearance, it also appears rough. Touching the edge with your hand, there is an obvious sense of burr. It is not difficult to see that, for civilian use, it is still a toy of the rich. Although the technology has been improved and the price has been cut by more than half, it is still too early to be popularized, and the cultivation period of the market will take at least years

environmental protection is a sense of society

today, when green office is advocated, printing equipment tends to develop in the direction of low consumption and high durability. Looking at the development trend of the printer industry in recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the new core of the global printer market competition. The spokesperson of social sense, who can obtain greater technological leadership in the field of environmental protection and energy conservation, will obtain a larger market

previously, in order to package products, many manufacturers simply moved the double-sided printing and switch buttons forward, saying that it was energy-saving and environmental protection, which was too far fetched. It can not be achieved simply by adding oneortwo functions, but from production to use, from raw materials to packaging, throughout the whole link. Since this year, many manufacturers have joined the earth environmental protection plan, making their printing products and consumables as recyclable as possible, and began to use recycled materials and degradable materials to produce printer components. The packaging of consumables adopts a smaller volume, so as to reduce carbon emissions during transportation

in terms of energy consumption control, the function of intelligent switching on and off is very effective in reducing energy consumption. Canon has added sleep mode to the new machine, and the power consumption is as low as 1.2W. Fuji Xerox has made a new breakthrough in the research and development of carbon powder. The green carbon powder introduced is a new polyester synthetic carbon powder, which can provide more detailed sharpness than the general traditional plastic grinding carbon powder, and can solve the problems arising in the general filling and production process. Because the viscosity of toner will change with temperature, the special toner technology of green toner can reduce the melting temperature by 20 to 50 degrees Celsius compared with traditional EA toner, effectively saving power consumption. In the glossy paper printing mode, the heater can save 40% of power consumption and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Lexmark's unison technology combines this drum powder separation structure with Unison's toner to extend the service life of each component. The toner and the new printing system work together to achieve shake free characteristics, so as to obtain the highest printing capacity and reduce environmental pollution

talking about environmental protection in office equipment should not be a gimmick, and the sense of society is not available in oneortwo public activities. I hope manufacturers can understand and stick to it

the price war has entered the final stage

as early as last year when writing the year-end summary, the author said that the whole 2

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