30 self-improvement techniques of the hottest Indu

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30 self-improvement techniques of industrial engineers

1 Get out from behind your desk, go to the scene, go to the people: -)

2 Remember the human element remember that people always come first

3 Communicate well and often (with superiors and colleagues in the same trench)

4 Think business always thinks of the company's overall strategy and goals

5 Listen listen (be a super listener)

6 Live in the larger community (share experiences and achievements with others)

7 Look at technology with a skepti must rectify cal eye in time. Look at any complex and claimed high-level technology with a skeptical eye

8 Implement the plan personally Don't always be responsible for making plans, let others implement

9 Learn lifelong learning

10 Lead to be a leader

11 Touch the customer to keep in touch with customers (internal: production line manager, supervisor, team leader and employees;

external: Business Manager temperature is too low or too high, customers, foreign colleagues, etc.)

12 Dance (or if you have two left feet, the 5th 2014 Summit Forum on the utilization of new materials and new technologies for rubber and plastic cables will be held in Wuxi International Hotel, Jiangsu Province, write poetry) often goes dancing (if you are not good at it, write poetry) - mainly to experience how to maximize your creativity under the restrictions of rules or realistic conditions

<13 Give respect respect

14 Join a handbell choir in a handbell band - learning, cooperation, playing a piece with others, support and lifelong learning

15. Teach

16 Master Microsoft Excel proficient in Microsoft spreadsheet MS excel

17. Participate in IIE become a member of IIE

18 Avoid compromise - don't give in easily

19 Take a tip from tots learn the secrets of ie from children (always ask "why", always full of desire for knowledge and challenging spirit)

20 Make the holiday meal (or if you can't cook, plan the company outing)

be responsible for cooking holiday meals (if you can't cook, plan the company (or department) out activities)

21 Leave your compatible rut don't stick to the rules (break all the rules!!!)

22. Recognize the experts recognize and give full play to the strengths of experts

23 Stick your nose into everything. ("Bao Da


24. Review the details in awe

25 Network builds and maintains a social circle of IE (it's easier to find a job or hire people after


26 Help raise the next generation

27. The larger the th elongation, ink green considers environmental protection ("green manufacturing" and "green IE")

28 Value feedback cherishes others' feedback

29 Take TOC to heart keep TOC (theory of constraints) in mind

30 Master simulation proficient in system simulation software

31 Deliver more than you promise (end)

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