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Analysis of the production pattern of sheet fed offset press in 2006

sheet fed offset press has always been the focus of attention. First, its market is broad, and second, the competition is fierce. In recent years, the output of domestic sheet fed offset printing machines and the number of imported offset printing machines have been rising, which has led some printing machinery manufacturers to expand their production scale As a result, prices continued to fall, and the phenomenon of oversupply gradually became prominent. In particular, 2005 seemed to be a cold winter for some offset printing machine manufacturers, and a large number of supporting manufacturers in the unsalable single and double color printing machine related industrial chain also closed down. In the cold winter, China's sheet fed offset press industry entered 2006 against the biting north wind

The year of 200s is a turning point and adjustment year for China's offset printing machine manufacturing industry. Almost all manufacturers with single products or without strength and technical reserves have been strongly impacted, but the powerful and technological enterprises have not only not fallen down, but have accelerated their progress at full power

The situation in 200s sent a severe warning to Chinese printing machinery manufacturers: without technology and strength, there will be no market-based capital

2005 is a great encouragement for those manufacturers who are engaged in technological innovation As long as you are good at innovation, as long as you make continuous progress, you will not only continue to grow, but also withstand the storm

in 2005, China's single and double color printing presses entered the lowest stage in history. Simply relying on price reduction can no longer stimulate product sales. On the contrary, the sales of multicolor machines continue to rise, and the supply exceeds the demand. Beiren Group Shanghai Guanghua Jingdezhen, Yingkou Guanhua, Weifang Huaguang and other multi-color machines have increased their output significantly, and their total sales have not decreased On the contrary, it has increased than before

beiren group is powerful. Although it is affected by the "cold current", the sales of other equipment have little impact, and the overall sales situation has basically completed the task

The sudden change in the year of zoos also determined the pattern of offset press in 2006. Those enterprises with long-term technological development and strength will play an important role in China's offset press pattern in 2006

the spokesman of the Ministry of health admitted that beiren group is still the most dynamic enterprise group. In addition to the continuous improvement of the technology of N300 folio series printing machines, they are also actively developing the relevant technology research of four-way four-color machines. Generally speaking, N300 is still the equipment with the highest level and technical content in China. Some users report that the use effect is good. Some manufacturers ask to buy a second one after purchasing one. To be sure, N300 is the leading folio series printing equipment in China in recent years. The reason why beiren group can achieve today is mainly due to its long-term efforts in technological development. Since the 1980s, beiren has started the research on the related technologies of four-color printing machines. At that time, many manufacturers also invested all their energy in the production of single and double color printing machines, and some manufacturers even focused on the technical development of O1s series printing machines (now listed as obsolete products by the state). In addition to its own technological development, beiren group also cooperates with foreign manufacturers. Through the introduction of technology and management mechanism, beiren's technology has always been improving

the sales situation of Shangmu Guanghua has been promising in recent years, which can be said to be gradually approaching the first literary chair in the industry. Especially after its acquisition of Akiyama, Japan Both technology and output have been greatly improved. At present, Shanghai Guanghua's quarto series printing machines have occupied most of the domestic market Some manufacturers even buy more than a few. According to some feedback from the market, users are in good condition In addition to its own production of quarto series offset printing machines, Shanghai Guanghua is also developing the folio series offset printing machines, especially in the past two years, the speed of technological improvement is accelerating. Shanghai Guanghua will be a strong competitor in the domestic folio and quarto series printing machine market with a compound annual growth rate of 18.8% to help them get rid of poverty and become rich

Jiangxi Zhongjing group is a representative of private enterprises. For many years, the group has been producing quarto monochrome printing machines, with an annual sales volume of more than 1000 sets, enjoying a relatively high reputation in the industry. In recent years, they are also developing four series printing machines The market share continues to rise, which has formed a strong challenge to the above two manufacturers

the above mentioned are all manufacturers of large offset presses. The fate of small offset presses in 2005 is very similar to that of large offset presses. The sales volume of monochrome small offset printing machines decreased significantly. But the same manufacturers with strength and technical reserves not only did not reduce production, but increased production by a large margin, but it was the multicolor small offset press that increased production

Yingkou Guanhua is an outstanding representative of small offset printing machines, and its yki800 series is almost famous all over the world But Yingkou Guanhua is at 200. The development of multi-color small offset printing machines began around, and sales began in 2004. In 2005, batch production was just formed and supply exceeded demand. This technical reserve is very timely, which has steadily maintained its leading position in the small offset press industry

Shandong Huaguang precision industry has made great progress in recent years In 2000, he decisively purchased the production technology of octave four-color small offset press (this decision is very forward-looking. At that time, it is generally difficult to achieve. Through continuous improvement and improvement, the output of its multi-color small offset press has increased rapidly, and its products are also in short supply.

through analysis, we can see the basic pattern of China's offset press in 2006. Although this pattern has been basically determined, it is not exhausted. Next year, this pattern is still the same. Some printing machine manufacturers in a weak position are taking advantage of this opportunity in 2006 Range adjustment related decisions new products are in the process of continuous research and development

although China's printing machine manufacturing industry was severely impacted in 2005, this is not a bad thing. It enables people to re-examine relevant decisions and also enables people to re recognize the value of technology Pure manufacturing and processing has no future "Because the fate of the enterprise is always in the hands of others, just like many supporting manufacturers have been hit hard.

2006 is also a rare opportunity for China's offset printing machine manufacturing industry. The technical indicators of imported equipment are gradually improving. There is more and more space left for domestic printing machine manufacturers. If our domestic manufacturers do not make good use of this opportunity, it can be said that it will be very important for us to continue to survive after forming a certain quality of powder difficult. Because foreign manufacturers are adjusting relevant policies: first, cooperate with domestic enterprises, second, build factories independently in China, and third, transfer some products to third world countries to reduce costs. If we wait until they are all in good shape It will be too late for us to sprint again

although the sales of domestic offset printing machines were greatly affected in 2005, foreign imports are still booming, which shows that it is not a market problem but a technical problem. Since 2000, foreign sheet fed printing equipment has hardly entered the domestic market. The upward movement on the surface seems to be a price problem, but actually a technical problem, because the quality of products printed by domestic monochrome printing machines has been close to the printing level of similar foreign products. At that time, many domestic manufacturers did not regard this as a crisis, but as an opportunity, which led to the bitter outcome of some manufacturers today

technological progress requires cost. Many manufacturers should say that the technical input is far from enough, the treatment of technicians has not been truly reflected, and the salaries of technicians in some manufacturers are even lower than that of general staff. How can such a situation promote technological progress? Technological progress is risky, and there must be failures and setbacks, but as long as we stick to it, there will be rewards

decision makers in the domestic printing machinery manufacturing industry should be deeply aware of it Only with technology can there be a market and the long-term development of the company There will be a harmonious life for everyone. In order to have a better life and more vitality for enterprises, we must increase technological investment and strengthen foreign cooperation. Only in this way can we get rich returns, and China's printing machinery manufacturing industry will be more promising

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