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The predecessor of Ningbo Jiangbei Jiufang Herong Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Herong electric) is the instrument and control system used by Ningbo locomotive capacitor in process automation and factory automation, which belongs to this kind of device development center. The company was founded in April, 1991, by Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Factory of CSR group, Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute of CSR group Ningbo Jiangbei asset management company was jointly funded and established. Herong Electric has a history of more than 10 years of professional capacitor manufacturing. The company has modern manufacturing equipment imported from Italy and South Korea, and advanced laboratories that can detect various types of capacitors and power equipment, including high-voltage tests, vibration tests, high and low temperature tests, life tests, etc

Herong electric attaches great importance to the information construction of the enterprise and pays attention to the application of modern management means to maintain its competitive advantage. As early as 2004, Herong electric formed a partnership with Extech, a leading manufacturer of manufacturing informatization in China. After successfully implementing the first phase of xtpdm design data management and design change management, Herong electric standardized the design source data, managed the enterprise's product electronic documents and data, and effectively managed and controlled the design changes. In 2005, Herong electric once again joined hands with Extech to implement the xtpdm design process management module in the company to control the product development process, transforming the management of product data from post management to "pre task allocation and in-process data control", managing the data at the early stage of product design, and ensuring the integrity and consistency of data through the approval and status management provided by the system. Next, I will introduce the implementation focus of the xtpdm design process management module of Herong electric for the reference of enterprises that also implement the project

preliminary research:

after preliminary communication between the two sides, Extech formed a special research team. With the full cooperation of the enterprise, it carried out a three-day project research on the scale, organizational structure, bottlenecks encountered, and the detailed work of each department. The purpose is to fully understand the enterprise, identify problems, improve the research effect, and provide a basis for the formulation of the implementation plan. After full investigation, the general situation is as follows:

1. The enterprise product development mode is: project manager responsibility system. When the new product development task is assigned, the project manager (Project Leader) designates the relevant participants in the product development, the relevant tasks and the completion time

when the gap between the left and right of the connecting part is greater than 0.5mm

2. The business division assigns the project leader, who sets up a project team to assign work, design drawings, review drawings, and then archive

the proofreading, review, process and standardization are organized by the internal members of the project team, and the approval is confirmed by the project manager

3. Other aspects of research:

· the development cycle of enterprise products (including production) is normally one month, with a minimum of about 10 days. From the perspective of the whole year, the workload of engineers is full

· in the current evaluation mechanism, the evaluation process is basically fixed, but depending on individual circumstances, if the construction period is tight, the evaluation process will be relatively simple

· some lists of products in the design process, such as main materials, auxiliary materials, etc., are not reviewed at present. Directly hand it over to quota personnel for cost and quota statistics

· the project manager mainly refers to the schedule of the production department to check the progress of the project

4. Problems found:

· various lists in the product process should also be used as the review content to avoid statistical errors and waste of costs

· product drawings and other reviews need to establish several different processes in PDM. In this way, when the 20-year summit of entrepreneurship in China's wood plastic industry is kicked off or relatively simple parts are encountered, the required process mechanism can be flexibly selected

· the project manager cannot understand the project progress in real time. At the same time, due to the short project cycle and the large amount of development of designers, it is impossible to monitor the work progress of designers and reasonably allocate the workload of designers, which is not conducive to the improvement of employees' work enthusiasm

5. Solution:

manage the enterprise design and development review process by implementing the xtpdm design process management module, and solve the above problems at the same time

the main body of the design process management module is the assignment of design tasks, the network review of design drawings, the monitoring of design tasks, etc. For the assignment of design tasks, the main realization is that after the project received by the design is assigned by the project manager, the designers draw and design various drawings. This assignment process can be realized by using the design process management module of xtpdm

implementation plan

according to the research results, Extech has formulated a detailed PDM implementation plan for horong electric, with the main objectives as follows:

improve work efficiency, shorten product development cycle

· standardize the product development process according to the project and task mode, and make the work process transparent and easy to control

· it can dynamically monitor the development progress and find design problems as soon as possible

· design document submission management can be realized

· review and circle the design drawings

to achieve this goal, the specific implementation process is as follows:

the xtpdm design process module is to implement the management of product data from post management to "pre task allocation and in-process data control", and manage the data at the early stage of product design, so as to ensure the integrity and consistency of data through the approval and status management provided by the system

this module adopts the idea of project management and working group management, and adopts a unified structure tree to organize and manage the tasks, documents, product structure, reference resources, etc. related to the design process, providing task level and document level work management

in xtpdm, the drawing signing process can be customized. Users can change the drawing signing process, and define multiple drawing signing processes, so that when different drawings, different drawing signing processes can be selected

the implementation flow chart of this stage is as follows

design process management module implementation flow chart

design process management implementation function

Product Design initiation and decomposition of work tasks

establish a new project in xtpdm, and determine the name, number, person in charge, completion time and other information of the new project; Divide the project into multiple tasks and assign the work tasks to the corresponding engineers

drawing design

after the work task is assigned, the task leader automatically receives a message prompt, and can browse to the current task in the "task list" interface, and start the design work on the corresponding tool software according to the design task requirements issued by the superior

designers use two-dimensional CAD to design drawings. The design is carried out in accordance with CAD design specifications, and the design documents can be saved to the task at any time. After the designed document is submitted to the task folder in the CAD environment, the structure tree can be established according to the assembly relationship, and the design report can be output

design drawing signing and approval

some designed documents can be submitted to the corresponding personnel for signing and approval. After logging in, the person in charge of signing off receives the task to be signed off in the "task list" interface, and then browses and circles all design documents in the "review comments" area, and puts forward review comments. If the signing off fails, return to the project person in charge interface for modification, and resubmit it for signing off after modification; After the signing and approval is passed, it will automatically flow to the next signing and approval person. The market capacity of the plastic extruder will further expand the interface for the next level of signing and approval; After all the signatures are approved, return to the work principal interface, and the work documents can be archived

archiving of design drawings

after all work documents are reviewed and passed, designers can mark the status of work tasks as completed, and the work tasks after marking can be archived, and the design documents can be stored in the design data management

project archiving

the final archiving of the project, and save all process documents in PDM. The archived product data is transferred to the production department to start mass production


after the completion of the project implementation, after a stage of practical application, the design process management level of Herong Electric has been greatly improved, the product design process has become smooth and efficient, and the bottleneck of product design that plagued the enterprise has finally been solved. (end)

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