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Analysis of carton printing cost

now carton profits are very low, and carton enterprises are difficult to do, etc! Similar posts are often seen on professional websites. The author believes that this pain is not the voice of individual enterprises, which is already a common phenomenon. So how to break through this bottleneck? Everyone has always paid attention to printing and paperboard line, but often ignored the post press process. It may be that the former's equipment investment is large, but the post press investment is small or dispensable. In fact, even if some carton manufacturers' printing machines are first-class, if the post process is not well controlled, Is likely to make a pile of waste "Products in recent years. If you invest some energy to control the post press link, you can also create a considerable profit. The author aims at the post press carton pasting link, integrates the situation reflected by many customers, and hopes that the improvement of post press process can bring some help to carton enterprises.

the demand for cartons of China's export products is increasing, and the requirements for carton quality are also increasing. The packaging of export products and food packaging Most of them are completed by bonding. At present, there are four ways to work for pasting boxes (boxes):

1 Manual operation mode

2. Manual semi-automatic box pasting machine

3. Automatic box pasting machine

series assembly line box pasting machine

everyone should be familiar with DKH series semi-automatic box pasting machine. The main outstanding features of this machine are: simple operation, labor saving, improving efficiency and saving glue. This machine is only a change in the production process of the carton factory. In the process of this change, it achieves the ideal effect of the carton color box enterprise

the author makes the following analysis on the pasting of cartons in China's carton factories at present:

first, the manual operation method: this method is the most traditional, takes up the most space, takes up the most labor, has the lowest efficiency (an average of 200 hours. People), has the highest scrap rate (carton sticking, glue out and other adverse phenomena often occur), uses the largest amount of glue (manually applies glue with a brush or plastic bottle, the amount is large, and the thickness is uneven) The production cost is the highest (low output value, large glue consumption, naturally high cost); At present, small-scale enterprises generally adopt this labor-intensive mode of production, which has the advantage of no investment in fixed assets and no special requirements for products

second, manual semi-automatic box pasting machine: this kind of box pasting machine has been widely used in many carton factories. Its characteristics are: small floor space, fast order changing, production efficiency about 2 times faster than manual work (two people in a group produce an average of 800 ~ 1000 sheets per hour. Group), uniform glue and less consumption than manual work, and low investment cost. Its disadvantages are: unable to produce small size cartons, unable to produce special-shaped boxes, and inaccurate alignment (easy to cause bell mouth, line deviation, etc.)

third, automatic box pasting machine: some large-scale carton enterprises use this machine, most of which are imported from Japan, which is suitable for mass orders. The disadvantages are: the debugging time is long, and the sticking mouth is easy to move. Short orders and small orders are not suitable for production with this machine, because the debugging time can be manually glued, and the one-time mechanical cost is high (about 1.8 million); Therefore, few enterprises use this operation method. The advantages are: high production efficiency and less manpower. In addition, most of the full-automatic box pasting machines that produce card boxes on the market are not suitable for the production of corrugated boxes at present, which is prone to the problem of wrong alignment. There is no good solution for products with strict requirements at present

fourth, DKH series automatic paper feeding semi-automatic box pasting machine: This machine can be used for multiple purposes. It can produce special-shaped color boxes, small-size cartons, large-size cartons, and two-piece connecting cartons. Both long and short orders are suitable for production. It can change orders quickly, meet various quality requirements, save glue (50% less than manual gluing), apply glue evenly, and bond firmly, The production efficiency is high (for example, the six stations of beer boxes can paste 6000 ~ 7000 pieces per hour, with an average of 1000 people per person. Hour). The floor space is moderate. According to the size of the model, it is generally 30 ~ 65 square meters, and the per capita efficiency is 2 times that of the manual semi-automatic box pasting machine and more than 4 times that of the manual one. This machine has been favored by many customers

use micrometer to select qualified steel balls and replace them; (3) The error of the indentation measuring device is too large, and the UV grinder can effectively destroy the UV oil at the bonding position. First, it can ensure the firm strength of the bonding box, and second, it can use cheap white glue to replace expensive UV glue, which reduces the production cost

common problems of carton enterprises in bonding joints

human resources problems: of course, this is not only a problem of carton factories, but basically the whole industry. As far as general workers are concerned, there are never enough people in the peak production season, and they can't take their leave when they are not alive in the off-season, because few people come back after the holiday, and it's more difficult to recruit again. This is a headache for most factories. The wages are too high for enterprises to bear, and workers with slightly lower wages will be in a mood. Even if there are few orders, they have to pay basic wages to support them, So now no factory is willing to use too much low capacity labor. Extruder is one of the most important varieties in the plastic machinery industry. 1

production cost problem: the price of raw materials rises, and the market continues to lower the sales price, so the profit has not been so considerable. In order to ensure sufficient profit space, enterprises control all links of their own production, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs and other links to improve the profit margin

if the employees who stick boxes use less than 10 people, the annual cost savings are nearly 150000 yuan

box gluing glue saves 50% of the amount, which is also a considerable cost

if the scrap rate is reduced by 80%, the cost of each production link is reduced a lot

production efficiency problem: this problem is very serious in enterprises with pure manual production. The productivity and other emotions of workers are affected by subjective factors and cannot effectively control the quality and efficiency

poor ability to deal with emergencies: if the customer requires 100000 cartons to be completed within 3 days, can the carton enterprise ensure the quality and delivery on time. If there is no machine to complete it, it is the most painful thing for carton enterprises to recruit workers temporarily: first, whether new workers can ensure product quality; Secondly, whether it is possible to recruit enough manpower to solve the problem in a short time; So there is a lot of instability in the middle, because the two ends of the supporting shaft are inside

to sum up, although the profit of carton color box enterprises cannot be doubled through the improvement of post press pasting process, the improvement of this process is the easiest to achieve and control, which not only reduces the production cost, ensures the product quality, but also improves the competitiveness of enterprises

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