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On June 11, the world's first rubber industry interconnection platform, the "rubber chain cloud" platform of Sailun group was officially released

as the first intelligent manufacturing and industrial interconnection pilot demonstration enterprise of the Ministry of industry and information technology in the domestic tire industry, Sailun group, after nearly 20 years of iterative research and development, combined with the intelligent system of the rubber industry, made a performance comparison of several typical composite materials to create a leading enterprise soft control shares in view of the pain points existing in the traditional tire industry, such as complex manufacturing processes, lack of interoperability of upstream and downstream resource information, difficulties in digital transformation, and high threshold of iterative innovation, And Qingdao University of science and technology, Chinatelecom, aridamo academy and other partners have jointly created the "rubber chain cloud" industrial interconnection platform

the platform meets the complex manufacturing mode of the rubber industry through the rich mechanism model, big data platform and IOT integration of the rubber industry, and provides professional and rich software services and app applications for different business scenarios. It has achieved relatively mature product applications and solutions in the main fields of intelligent manufacturing, digital marketing, intelligent supply chain, collaborative target R & D system, digital operation and so on

at present, nearly 100 sets of mature software products and rubber industry solutions have been deposited on the "rubber chain cloud" platform of Sailun, and ERP, CRM, PLM and other mainstream enterprise management software have been integrated

it is applicable to metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, materials, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other fields. Around the core industrial intelligent manufacturing, the "rubber chain cloud" platform vertically realizes the comprehensive interconnection of "man-machine, material, method and environmental testing" of all processes, and constructs the most complete and abundant mechanism model base in the industry. At present, more than 99% of the devices have been interconnected in terms of massive interconnection, with millions of concurrent collection points, and the annual growth of data collection has reached more than 4.5 billion. There are also a large number of practical cases in total quality control, automatic scheduling, artificial intelligence visual recognition, etc. Horizontally, it has realized the comprehensive interconnection of internal operations and upstream and downstream enterprises. The platform has now settled in more than 800 suppliers, more than 1200 dealers and more than 5000 stores

at the manufacturing end, based on the "rubber chain cloud" platform, racing round has built a modular, standardized and platformized rapid promotion and replication capability. Taking the new intelligent factory as an example, the equipment installation and commissioning cycle can be shortened from the conventional 18 months to 3 months. In terms of factory management, we have achieved a set of systems, data and reports for all factories in the world. The remote equipment diagnosis and operation and maintenance platform based on the "rubber chain cloud" platform can escort the normal operation and stable production capacity of overseas factories, and the production capacity of medium and low-end cathode materials can be increased

on the channel side, "oak chain cloud" provides one-stop service solutions such as marketing mode and supply chain optimization for domestic and foreign dealers through strategic cooperation with UFIDA, Suda, housekeeper and other mainstream software manufacturers in the industry, helping the channel realize the digital transformation and upgrading of the whole link and scene. It realizes the coordination of orders, logistics, inventory and settlement between dealers and all subordinate stores

on the consumer side, "oak chain cloud" can provide innovative green services for different types of users. Green is the new requirement of development and the main line of transformation. For field mine owners and commercial transportation teams, it can provide real-time services of tire temperature, tire pressure and driving track, and support a new business model of charging by mileage and service life. For ordinary car owners, they can enjoy safety warning, quick rescue, tire insurance and other services by linking to "rubber chain cloud"

the release of Sailun's "rubber chain cloud" platform will help enterprises' digital transformation and upgrading, promote the agglomeration and integration of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, realize the integration, platform and diversified operation of the core business of the industrial chain, and form an "open, symbiotic and win-win" ecosystem, which will certainly promote the quality and efficiency improvement of the rubber industry and achieve high-quality development

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