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Analysis of the problems faced by domestic drug cartoning machines

in recent decades, although China's domestic drug cartoning machines have achieved rapid development, they still face many problems. Among the manufacturers of automatic cartoning machines for traditional Chinese medicine in the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry, there are few manufacturers with high technical content and quality, and most of them stay at the semi-automatic or medium and low speed level, compared with similar foreign products, The development level, technical content, application and promotion of equipment are not satisfactory

at present, in the market distribution, domestic drug cartoning machines only have a slight advantage in the medium and low-end market, while the high-end market is almost occupied by foreign products. The main problems faced by domestic drug cartoning machines are analyzed as follows:

in terms of product quality, performance and application, domestic drug cartoning machines are significantly inferior to foreign products, which are specifically reflected in the following aspects:

in terms of quality, in a sense, automatic drug cartoning machines are the most complex machinery in pharmaceutical machinery, which includes machinery, electricity, gas, light and other technologies, At present, the domestic pharmaceutical equipment industry has a gap of more than ten years with its foreign counterparts in terms of both the initial design level of products and the subsequent product assembly and processing level, and it is unable to produce truly competitive products

in terms of adaptability to products, the domestic automatic drug cartoning machine has a relatively single function and narrow adaptability. There are strict regulations on the shape and volume of drugs to be loaded, which are generally only applicable to oneortwo kinds of drugs. However, there are many drug production enterprises in China, and the specifications and varieties of drugs produced by each drug enterprise are also very different, and the specifications and output of drugs produced by the same enterprise are also different, It brings some difficulties to the related work, and foreign drug cartoning machine manufacturers pay special attention to this problem. The functions of the equipment they produce are more flexible and applicable

in terms of the operation reliability of the equipment, the beam automatic cartoning machine driven by the imported ball screw pair is also higher than the domestic one, and the failure rate of the domestic drug cartoning machine is high. Therefore, many selection enterprises have to purchase multiple domestic automatic cartoning machines to avoid affecting the normal production and delaying the delivery date due to the maintenance of the performance characteristics of the electromechanical hydraulic servo hydraulic universal experimental machine, as shown below:

in terms of work efficiency, due to the impact test of domestic drugs, there are three kinds: 1. It is required that the operation speed of the box machine in the single pulse test mode is mostly at the medium and low level, and the automation level is low, so the production efficiency is naturally not as good as that of foreign similar products famous for producing high-end products, which is equivalent to virtually increasing the cost of the enterprise and reducing the profit of the enterprise, Caused great waste

in a word, at present, there are still some imperfections in the domestic automatic cartoning machine, such as the single type of packaging, the small change range of carton size, and the production speed generally stays at the medium and low speed level

from the perspective of the R & D and production capacity of the whole industry, there are mainly the following problems:

R & D strength is weak, and scientific research funds are seriously insufficient. The production of drug cartoning machine is a complex system engineering, which includes machinery, electricity and gas. The integration of light and other technologies requires strong technical force, precise production technology and other requirements. At present, China has little investment in this area. The proportion of investment in product production and basic research in the industry is seriously misaligned. Manufacturers are only interested in immediate interests and are unwilling to invest in funds for basic research, resulting in low quality of domestic drug cartoning machines and unable to compete with similar foreign products, And can only rely on low prices to maintain its market competitiveness, unable to occupy the market for a long time

there are too many low-level repetitions, and the adaptability is not strong. Most domestic manufacturers are small, and most of them produce the same type of equipment, resulting in a large number of low-level repetitive production and vicious competition at low prices in the market. Once there are changes in market requirements, they cannot transform in time, so they are eliminated by the market

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