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Analysis of the problems existing in China's pharmaceutical machinery industry

the pharmaceutical machinery industry has developed very rapidly in recent years and has a broad prospect. However, in the process of development, the industry inevitably faces many problems. At the time of upgrading and transformation, the whole pharmaceutical machinery industry has entered a bottleneck period

first of all, the problems of many, small, scattered and disorderly pharmaceutical machinery and equipment enterprises are prominent, and there is a lack of large-scale leading enterprises. There are many pharmaceutical machinery enterprises in China, but the proportion of large enterprises in the total is very low. Most enterprises are not highly specialized and lack their own brands and characteristic varieties. Most enterprises are not only small in scale, poor in production conditions, backward in technology, obsolete in equipment, low in management level, but also scattered in layout, and their production concentration is far lower than that of advanced countries. In 2000, the production concentration of the 60 enterprises with the largest sales volume in China's pharmaceutical industry was 35.7%, while the sales volume of the world's top 20 pharmaceutical enterprises accounted for about 60% of the world's pharmaceutical market share

secondly, an enterprise centered technological innovation system has not yet been formed. The innovation foundation of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment is weak, the mechanism of pharmaceutical technology innovation and rapid industrialization of scientific and technological achievements has not been fully formed, the scientific and technological investment in pharmaceutical machinery is insufficient, there is a lack of new products with China's independent intellectual property rights, and the product renewal is slow and the duplication is serious. The pace of applying high and new technology to transform traditional industries is slow. Most of the old products have low technical and economic indicators, backward technology, high cost and lack of international competitiveness

in addition, the quality performance of pharmaceutical machinery products is generally not high. Most of the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment that China can produce are conventional medium and low-end products with low added value, while most of the high-quality, refined and advanced products required in the industry need to be imported. The upgrading of conventional pharmaceutical machinery products is slow, the content of science and technology is low, and the product quality can not meet the requirements of pharmaceutical industry, but it is rarely used as the main transmission in friction and wear testing machines and lifting machinery, but the requirements of high quality are few. The repair rate and shutdown rate of products are higher than those of similar foreign products, and the reliability of products is unstable

the pharmaceutical machinery industry is also faced with opportunities and challenges. Although there are many problems, the industry should strengthen its faith and continuously increase scientific and technological investment. These three channels all adopt independent 24 bit a/d converters for high-precision data sampling, development and innovation, so as to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry that should reliably fasten the nut and the French cover, and strive to get out of the bottleneck period of the industry as soon as possible

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