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Application and working principle of piezoelectric pump

piezoelectric pump is a new type of fluid driver. It does not need an additional driving motor, but uses the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics to deform the piezoelectric vibrator, and then the deformation generates the volume change of the pump cavity to achieve fluid output or uses the piezoelectric vibrator to generate fluctuations to transmit liquid. Because the piezoelectric pump has the characteristics that the traditional pump does not have, if the driving source part, transmission part and pump body of the traditional pump can be integrated, it can achieve simple structure, small volume, light weight Low energy consumption, no noise, no electromagnetic interference, can control the output small flow according to the applied voltage or frequency. Although its invention and development only have a history of more than 20 years, it has been successfully applied in the fields of aerospace, robots, automobiles, medical devices, biological genetic engineering, micro machinery and so on

application of piezoelectric pump

piezoelectric pump is a revolutionary product of micro pump manufacturing technology, which will drive and affect the development and progress of basic industry. In view of the wide application prospects of piezoelectric pumps, many countries in the world (the United States, Japan, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Singapore, etc.) are now carrying out research work in this field, including the 863 Program of piezoelectric pumps in China and the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The first piezoelectric pump enterprise standard in China was first formulated by Yatong Pump Co., Ltd. in may2007. Piezoelectric pump is a new generation of industrial basic product, which can be widely used in small mobile devices, CPUs and display cards, game console control boards, notebook computers, blade servers, photovoltaic batteries, LED lights, household appliances, medical devices, petrochemical equipment, biomedicine, automotive and avionics equipment. It is efficient, energy-saving and environmental friendly, and will effectively promote the technological revolution in related industries, Improve the supporting capacity of products and actively promote the formation and development of the industrial chain. The social and economic benefits are extremely significant

and the work of the packed plastic film piezoelectric pump 6. The principle of the end of the experiment of the bellows ring stiffness tester

the piezoelectric pump is composed of a piezoelectric vibrator, a pump valve and a pump body. In operation, when AC power supply u is applied to both ends of the piezoelectric vibrator, the piezoelectric vibrator is radially compressed under the action of electric field, resulting in internal tensile stress, which makes the piezoelectric vibrator bend and deform. When the piezoelectric vibrator is bent in the positive direction, the piezoelectric vibrator extends, the volume of the pump chamber increases, the fluid pressure in the chamber decreases, the pump valve opens, and the liquid enters the pump chamber; When the piezoelectric vibrator bends in the opposite direction, the piezoelectric vibrator shrinks, the volume of the pump chamber decreases, the fluid pressure in the chamber increases, the pump valve closes, and the liquid in the pump chamber is squeezed out, forming a smooth and continuous directional flow

characteristics of piezoelectric pump technology innovation

high performance piezoelectric vibrator is made by derivative improvement of electroacoustic ceramic materials. It has many advantages, such as strong heat dissipation stability, high strength, good toughness, good fracture resistance, large elastic modulus, strong oxidation resistance, and the electrical parameters of the material have the characteristics of large KP, high electromechanical conversion rate, large AC capacitance resistance, high dielectric constant, large radial vibration, etc. The product has the characteristics of simple structure, fast response, small volume, no noise, large pressure, high lift, no pressure relief, no pollution, convenient installation and use, etc

background technology and development of piezoelectric pump

2cr929 aircraft full-size composite fuselage panel process parts were successfully trial produced. In the 1970s, Dr. enser of Sandin National Laboratory in the United States began to study piezoelectric pumps. In 1993, Dr. yangzhigang, a visiting scholar of Jilin University, and others introduced the technology from Japan and established a laboratory in Jilin University to study piezoelectric membrane pumps. So far, the technology has been listed in six 863 programs and eight projects supported by the national science and nature fund and the innovation fund. Yatong Pump Co., Ltd. is the earliest unit engaged in the R & D, production and sales of Precision Piezoelectric Pump Application Technology in China. It has a number of patented technologies in the field of piezoelectric pump. Its products fully comply with the safety standards of Chinese household appliances and have obtained CE certification. The products can enter the European market

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