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Application and standard of luggage oscillation impact testing machine

[instrument application]

luggage oscillation impact testing machine is used for comprehensive testing of luggage as a basis for quality improvement

[instrument principle]

the machine test method is to load the specified load on the object, impact the specimen for 2500 times at the speed of 30 times per minute and the stroke of 4 inches. The test results can be used as a reference for quality improvement

according to the standard

luggage oscillation impact tester reference standard: qb/t

[instrument Specification]



impact height this bicycle equipment has a self rechargeable battery to avoid the experiment failure caused by the inclination or displacement of the sample in the experiment process <0.15m/p>

4 inch (inch adjustable)

vibration mode

spring type 1.79kg/mm


when there is too much oxide skin, the LED will be 1 ~ 99999 times, automatic shutdown

test speed

10~30 r/min adjustable

control mode

plc control, touch screen operation

induction mode

photoelectric induction, Sample drop automatic shutdown

machine size

(L w h) 14001200 2500mm

power supply

1 ∮, AC220V, 50Hz

weight (about)

about 490kg

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