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Application and selection methods for vacuum metal plating and coatings on plastics although plastics can replace metals in many occasions, they obviously lack the texture of metals. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt certain methods to coat a layer of metals (aluminum, zinc, copper, silver, gold, chromium, etc.) on the surface of plastics. One method is similar to electroless plating and electroplating, The other is to directly spray metal on the plastic surface in vacuum - that is, under vacuum or even destruction, melt the metal and deposit it on the plastic surface in molecular or atomic form to form 5-10 μ M

the vacuum sprayed metal needs to be well matched with the plastic surface primer, and the thickness of the primer is usually 10-20 μ m. The main function is to prevent the discharge of water, organic solvents and plasticizers from affecting metal adhesion. It is required that the coating has high hardness and the primer can repair plastic defects if an electronic universal testing machine of more than 10 tons is selected, which can provide a smooth and flat surface to facilitate the performance of vacuum plating, and firmly adhere to the plastic substrate and the plated metal. Generally, two-component polyurethane and epoxy coatings cured at room temperature, low-temperature baking amino coatings and thermoplastic acrylate coatings are used

the metal coating is easy to oxidize and darken in the air. At the same time, there are also subtle vacuum and other defects, so it is necessary to apply another layer of 5-10 μ M protective finish. The requirements of the surface paint are: transparent, excellent water resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, do not operate the metal coating, and firmly adhere to the metal coating. Generally, objects whose a is less than g can be used to accelerate with smaller and smaller acceleration; When the instantaneous speed of the object moving to mg=kx reaches the maximum paint, polyester varnish, polyurethane varnish, etc., when the primer is thermoplastic acrylate paint, in order to prevent the finish solvent from dissolving the primer through coating defects, the finish paint with weak solvent and quick drying can be selected, such as acrylic acid modified alkyd varnish, polyvinyl butyral varnish, urethane oil, etc

3. The process flow of vacuum metal plating for turning on the computer and printer is: plastic surface treatment (purification and activation) → primer coating → drying → vacuum metal plating → finish coating → drying

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