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Use and value of call center quality inspection data

call center quality inspection is carried out to ensure the voice service quality of the enterprise. Through quality inspection, the service of all agents is evaluated and checked, so as to maintain the service level of the enterprise and improve the service quality above the maintenance benchmark. Most of the traditional contact centers use the form of manual sampling and recording ① the price of raw materials fluctuates violently to control quality inspection. The sampling proportion is very low, and the industry average value is about 0.5%-2%. Now, through the intelligent quality inspection function of the Intelligent Cloud contact platform, the quality of a full amount of voice data can be inspected, greatly improving the effectiveness of quality inspection. Taizhou enterprises are learning from the world

it is an important trend to use artificial intelligence tools for data quality inspection and analysis. The data of the call center is widely used in business analysis. By making good use of the quality inspection function, you can easily understand the customer's feedback on products/market activities through complex data mining, so as to realize the analysis of the customer's desire to increase the price of some low-cost resource areas and the analysis of business hotspots, so as to help formulate the call center operation plan for the later stage, improve the service quality and optimize the sales strategy

service quality measurement

many call centers attach great importance to productivity indicators because these indicators are objective and easy to measure and assess. This has resulted in the situation that the employees' one-sided pursuit of these indicators ignores the service quality

in order to provide excellent service with both quality and efficiency, it is also necessary to establish a comprehensive and scientific quality evaluation standard. And intelligent quality inspection is the direct judge, supervisor and promoter of the quality standard of this kind of plastic which is almost everywhere in all aspects of people's life. Quality inspection must be an all-round system, which can cover all key factors affecting customer satisfaction and service experience, including but not limited to customer behavior, compliance with workflow, accuracy of answers and problem-solving ability

individual coaching and tracking

the feedback of testing results must be timely, and the next coaching and tracking plan should be formulated according to the data results, rather than just a general summary of the results

monitor to provide data and coach to change behavior. The direct manifestation of unchangeable behavior is that the mistakes made will be repeated. Therefore, the feedback to the seats should be specific and continuous. Use personal development plan to track behavior improvement, and provide corresponding targeted improvement and continuous training for supervisors and agents

reward and recognition

if there is an assessment, there must be not only corresponding punishment, but also recognition. The outstanding performance of the assessed seats shall be immediately recognized and encouraged. This recognition not only encourages the agent to create better performance, but also allows the agent to see the quality inspection project as a tool to promote personal development rather than a threat. Recognition and reward of individuals and teams will soon promote performance improvement

trend analysis

record multi-dimensional quality inspection data for different business types and appraisees, and consider the fluctuation of data in the long run from multiple perspectives. Analyze the abnormal rise or fall, find out the root causes, formulate prevention mechanisms, and intervene as soon as possible

comparison and correlation analysis

it is not right to only look at efficiency, but also quality. In the actual operation, the agent team is required to put the efficiency and quality indicators together for comparison and correlation analysis to avoid the phenomenon of giving consideration to one thing and losing the other

at the same time, the internal quality inspection data should be correlated with the external customer satisfaction data for comparative analysis. Because the core benchmark of service quality standard setting should be the service demand of customers. Internal quality inspection results are high, but customer satisfaction is not high, and even continuous complaints are very worthy of vigilance

find training needs

according to the skill performance of the agents obtained from the quality inspection results, you can find the promotion needs of each agent and the overall training needs of all agents. Use this data to adjust the training plan in time to maximize the training effect

adjust the employee recruitment procedure

the personal ability characteristics obtained from the quality inspection results can also be used to identify the strengths and gaps of new employees. For example, it is learned from the quality inspection results that the staff members generally lack interpersonal skills and basic communication skills. At this time, we can consider adopting more strict screening criteria. During the recruitment process, we should filter out those who lack the ability in these aspects, and check for omissions and fill vacancies

Duyan Intelligent Cloud contact platform can not only be applied to call centers in finance, insurance, communication and other industries, but also provide quality inspection services for large call centers in e-commerce, education, express and other industries. It can meet the quality inspection analysis of customer service job satisfaction conducted by the enterprise call center according to the voice information, and it can also mine the data information according to the business needs to formulate and optimize the business requirements

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