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SAP Shanghai Sensong pressure vessel Co., Ltd. application case


Shanghai Sensong pressure vessel Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Sensong) is subordinate to Sensong group. It is one of the five wholly-owned subsidiaries invested by Japan Sensong in China. Founded in 1990, it specializes in the production of all kinds of stainless steel and special material container equipment, nuclear system equipment, spinning machines, mixing devices

, and undertakes sanitary piping projects. Products are widely used in food, medicine, petrochemical, cosmetics, fine chemicals, construction, nuclear power, electronics and other industries. By the end of 2005, Shanghai Sensong had developed into a medium-sized enterprise with more than 1000 employees and annual sales of 800million yuan. In recent years, it is estimated that it will drop by 3500 tons in 2017. With the continuous development and expansion of the enterprise scale, Shanghai Sensong has realized that it is necessary to strengthen enterprise management through information transformation. For this reason, Shanghai Sensong began to introduce SAP products in 2004 to carry out enterprise information transformation, and achieved great results

challenges faced by the station

■ the rapid growth of enterprise scale, the existing management model can no longer meet the needs of enterprise development

■ the lack of information between departments should pay attention to the smooth distinction between joint oil leakage and cylinder plug oil leakage, the management is not "transparent"

■ it is difficult to achieve accurate cost control

■ it is a non-standard industry, and it is relatively difficult to implement informatization, Moreover, there was no precedent for the successful implementation of ERP in China at that time. The goal is to optimize the company's management structure, build a fast and interactive information platform, and finally achieve the goal of accurately controlling costs and improving efficiency.

■ completely solve the difficulties in organization and coordination in production, and realize the business process transformation. The overview of SAP customer success stories has been greatly improved since Morimatsu was introduced to sap, Communication between departments becomes simple and effective. Although the improvement of the company's operating performance is still difficult to be expressed in figures, it is obvious that it has provided a strong enough platform for the company to expand operations and reduce costs

solutions and services adopted

■ why SAP all in one

the plastic processing industry should make a solemn promise to the society ■ sap has a high reputation

■ compared with other solutions, SAP solutions are progressiveness

■ SAP management functions, especially in storage, logistics management and other aspects, have powerful functions and implementation highlights

■ the preparation time before implementation is relatively long, and the implementation plan is fully prepared, The small details in each module were considered carefully

■ the implementation organization was done well. While retaining the original mode of production and operation, it also carried out information transformation and updating, which was excessively stable

■ a large amount of data processing work in warehousing, logistics and other aspects in the initial stage was relatively successful. The effect of SAP channel partner Shanghai quanfuhande Software Technology Co., Ltd.

■ realized the internal information sharing of the enterprise, straightened out the production and operation processes

■ reduced the management cost



hardware environment

dell 6600

operating system

windows 2000 server

involved SAP module

pp (production planning) mm (material management) SD (sales and distribution) fi (Financial Management) CO (cost management)

"all in one" SAP helps senrong realize the "dream" of non-standard industry informatization

expansion brings informatization demands since the establishment of Shanghai Sensong, Influenced by China's rapid economic growth, Shanghai Sensong has been in a state of rapid expansion - from dozens of people in 1990 to hundreds, with an annual sales growth rate of more than 30% - at present, Shanghai Sensong is a medium-sized enterprise with more than 1000 employees and annual sales of more than 800million yuan. With the expansion of the company's scale, Shanghai Sensong had to set up more departments to carry out the division of labor and cooperation operation mode to cope with the increasingly complex production and operation conditions

take the "material department", one of the most important departments of Shanghai Sensong, as an example: when Shanghai Sensong was relatively small, the main functions of this department were "formulating purchase plans. Kennedy's real plan was to make 3D printing wires with recycled and biodegradable plastics", "implementing purchase plans" and "preparing materials for the production workshop". At this time, The most important production and operation steps of Shanghai Sensong are basically concentrated in this department, and information communication mainly depends on face-to-face communication; However, with the rapid expansion of the enterprise scale, the disadvantages of this relatively inefficient working method are becoming more and more obvious - even after Shanghai Sensong has tripled the size of the material department, it still can not meet the needs of production and operation. Moreover, the division of departments that mix "planning" and "procurement" is not very scientific from the perspective of management and cost control; Therefore, Shanghai Sensong has split the "material department" and divided the functions of "purchasing plan formulation" and "preparing materials for the production workshop" into the process department and the production department, and set up new sub departments accordingly. The "material department" is responsible for purchasing

after such adjustment, some departments of Shanghai Sensong have changed from one to two or more, and the departments and personnel have increased significantly. However, this has also brought new problems to Shanghai Sensong: the work previously completed by one person alone or by several people working closely together

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