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Zhouxiaogang, general manager of Zhoushi coating, received an exclusive interview from Huiya media "wooden door world" to jointly discuss the hot spots of industry development and the ways of enterprise survival

interview guests: Zhou Xiaogang, general manager of Zhou's paint

Zhou Xiaogang, general manager of Zhou's paint

"wooden door world": with the growing awareness of environmental protection among consumers, how does Master Zhou paint meet this demand in terms of products

President Zhou: it can be predicted that the national laws and regulations on environmental protection will become more and more stringent, and consumers' awareness of environmental protection and the concept of safeguarding rights will become stronger and stronger. As a coating enterprise, master Zhou should first strictly implement the requirements of national laws and regulations. The products fully comply with the national mandatory standard GB18581-2001 and have obtained the national 3C certification. Then, strictly implement the quality requirements in the production process, and resolutely ensure that raw materials that do not meet the environmental protection standards do not enter the factory, and products that do not meet the environmental protection standards do not leave the factory. Environmental protection and health products that give users and consumers real confidence

wooden door world: how does Master Zhou paint help wooden door products achieve health and environmental protection

President Zhou: Master Zhou vigorously promotes "clean taste environmental friendly wood door paint" in the field of wooden doors, bringing users a real experience of truly environmental friendly and healthy furniture paint. In order to achieve this goal, master Zhou invested money to establish a technology research and development center and a project research and development team, screened low toxicity and harmless high-performance raw materials, repeatedly tested and tackled key problems, and successfully developed a series of wood door paint products with clean taste and environmental protection. This kind of product has the characteristics of low toxicity and harmless solvent, non irritating construction, rapid elimination of paint odor and non-toxic residue during the drying process of paint film. Solve the problem of odor residue from the root, so that users can really rest assured. Master Zhou Jingwei environmental friendly wood door paint series products have been widely used by powerful door enterprises such as liuxiyuan, Wanshida and Belle Meijia and have been highly praised by users

wooden door world: how does Master Zhou paint help wooden door manufacturers solve the pain point of high labor cost and environmental protection pressure in the coating process

President Zhou: on July 8 this year, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of Finance jointly released the document of the action plan for volatile organic compounds reduction in key industries. The main goal of this plan is to achieve 60% of low (no) VOC coating products by 2018, and focus on the promotion of water-based coatings, solvent-free coatings, UV coatings and other green coating products. Therefore, on the basis of the air pollution prevention and control action plan (GF [2013] No. 37 document), the state has introduced and implemented an environmental protection measure. This is the only way for coating enterprises to transform and update their products. For all wooden furniture enterprises, the huge pressure of environmental protection is not only the replacement of products, but also the difficult choice to update the production process. Over the years, master Zhou paint has grown together with many wooden door enterprises, and has a deep understanding of the huge pain points of door enterprises in this regard. In order to achieve this goal in the coating process, master Zhou paint spared no effort to do a good job in two aspects: the first is to develop low (no) VOC coating products, such as water-based wood door paint products, UV wood door paint products, high solid content and low VOC wood door paint products, which have greatly reduced VOC emissions and meet the latest environmental protection requirements; The second is to cooperate with door enterprises to tackle key problems in the coating process, provide optimized coating process plans, and reduce the labor cost of coating

wooden door world: the development and growth of enterprises cannot be separated from the goals and positioning of enterprises. What is master Zhou's development plan in this regard

President Zhou: after ten years of development, master Zhou paint has deeply cultivated the wooden door market in the Pearl River Delta and has a deep accumulation. In 2015, a new modern chemical plant base was established in Zhongshan City, and the corporate image and strength reached a new level. With a broader vision, master Zhou established a business department outside the province to explore the national market. We will target the solid wood door paint market segment and hope to establish a strong brand reputation and market share in this segment through three to five years of efforts. At the same time, we will further strengthen the internal management of the enterprise, establish a total quality management system, and introduce high-quality talents to lay a solid foundation for the development and growth of the enterprise




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