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The regret project in the decoration process, in fact, many times, in addition to their lack of professional knowledge, overconfidence or inattention to details makes some avoidable regrets appear in their homes. Today, Xiaobian will explain some regrets caused by some consumers' neglect of details or lack of necessary acceptance based on the cases of owners Xiao Wang and Mr. Lu. I hope you can avoid the same thing in the future decoration

decoration regret 1: floor tiles are now the preferred material for kitchens and bathrooms. Many consumers often only pay attention to whether the surface of the tiles is good-looking when checking and accepting the tiling, and rarely make in-depth inspection. In particular, floor tiles are mostly firm, often ignoring a level problem. Therefore, in addition to appearance and firmness, whether the wall tiles or floor tiles are paved is also a very important factor in the future inspection and acceptance

Xiao Wang, the owner of Qingshan, chose the all inclusive decoration method because he didn't have much time. He just went to the site during the acceptance and didn't find any problems at that time. But when the home appliance was moved in, the problem came. The big refrigerator in the kitchen was found to be inclined when it was placed on it. When the refrigerator was removed, it was found that the original ground was uneven. Now it can only be padded with cardboard on one side of the refrigerator, waiting for the opportunity to rework

decoration regret 2: for materials entering the site, whether new or processed, no matter how much time is in a hurry, we should also carefully check and accept the materials, so that we can know the responsibility for material damage before construction. Because some problems are caused by construction, we can find a solution and get compensation only by clarifying the responsible person

in order to pursue the effect, Xiao Wang chose large ceramic tiles during the decoration and divided them into small pieces for paving. At that time, it was agreed that the ceramic tile manufacturer would do it. On the day of delivery, because he was in a hurry to pave and paste, he casually checked a few pieces and paid for them. When the paving was completed and accepted, he found that there were small notches on the edges of many ceramic tiles. Now he didn't know whether it was the manufacturer's problem or the decoration master's problem

decoration regret 3: the acceptance of product materials is a commonplace, but many consumers still don't pay much attention to some small materials, especially some small auxiliary materials. Basically, they won't accept them carefully. Many workers on site will collect them on behalf of them, which is easy to cause the acceptance to fail and leave a regret

Mr. Lu, the owner who also lives in Castle Peak, found a flaw in the chuangkai balcony window used to seal the balcony when it was installed and accepted. The glass frame was skinned. Although the manufacturer agreed to replace it, he still wasted a lot of time and labor costs, and he always felt uncomfortable

decoration regret 4: Although decoration pays great attention to design and construction technology, the quality of materials is also an important factor. Most of the time, it is not that consumers buy bad materials, but that the original high-end materials are not well protected after entering the site, and the installation is only a damaged material, so everyone must be careful when selecting decoration companies, not only to see the design and construction ability, but also to see their grasp of details, Such as the protection of on-site materials

Mr. Lu is usually busy with his work, so he puts the bathtub he bought in advance in his new house. One day, when he went to the scene to check, he found that the inside and outside of the bathtub were full of materials or garbage, and he also put the toilet and other accessories inside, which were full of sawdust. The whole bathtub was not well protected

decoration regret 5: in the decoration of second-hand houses or the construction of new houses, for the demolition of walls and old patterns, there must be a detailed construction drawing, especially the location of some pipelines, which should be marked in detail, so that the above situation will not occur. Therefore, we should carefully review the drawings before construction to ensure that there is evidence for construction

due to the workers who demolished the old cabinet, they knocked the pipe blindly when demolishing the cabinet, breaking the drainage pipe from the root, and the drainage from the upstairs seeped in, which not only accumulated a lot of water on the ground, increased the construction quantities, but also made up for the cost of repairing the pipe

Xiaobian comments: I believe that after reading these regrets, you will be more careful in the decoration process. If you need it, you can take part in the model house viewing activity of Wuhan home decoration network, go to the scene to feel the decoration effect or participate in the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, enjoy the free door-to-door measurement and design scheme of three decoration companies, and also enjoy the public welfare supervision of a third party to find the decoration company that suits you best. [participate in decoration bidding]




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