Rongda's century old wardrobe ice bucket challenge

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This is not true. The ice bucket trend has spread to the home furnishing industry. The boss of wardrobe enterprises has challenged the ice bucket, but there is no name in the video. I wonder who is the next home furnishing boss to challenge? Xiaobian is looking forward to it, Hahahahahaha!!! Sit and watch others pour ice water

the hottest hot spot in these two days is that many celebrities accept the ice bucket challenge of public welfare activities. A well planned marketing broadcast has spread like this. First bill gates and cook accept the challenge and then spread to China's IT industry. The first to accept the challenge is

plus Liu zuohu. DST challenges Lei Jun of Xiaomi technology, Lei Jun challenges Liu Dehua, Robin Lee, Gou Taiming, Liu zuohu challenges Zhou Hongyi Luo Yonghao and Liu Jiangfeng. Overnight, the ice bucket challenge became a hot word, and even a test of fame

Shh! Xiaobian also heard that some people would not hesitate to spend a lot of money in order to get the roll call at the first time. It is estimated that in the future, there will be constant challenges and excitement in China

what's beyond the topic, now turn to the main topic. Let me introduce ALS and ice bucket challenge to you. ALS

disease is fully known as "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis", which is also called "motor neurocytosis" in the UK. This is an incurable and fatal disease. Stephen Hawking is a patient of this disease. According to the former 301 Hospital President, Mao Zedong died of various complications in his later years because of this disease. ALS disease is a motor neuron disease, which often dies within 3 ~ 5 years after the disease. The prevalence rate of ALS in most countries is 5/100000 ~ 7/100000, with a high of 40/100000. Guam in the Pacific is the high incidence area of the disease. Ice bucket challenge is a social public welfare activity that the United States hopes to make more people pay attention to ALS disease and donate money to ALS association through the influence of celebrities. If invited to participate in the challenge, if they pour ice water and upload videos, they can call on the other three good people to continue the relay; If you don't want to pour ice water yourself, you need to donate $100 to ALS Association for disease prevention and treatment

this ice bucket challenge is designed very skillfully. August in the northern hemisphere happens to be the hottest time. A bucket of ice bucket will not have a great impact on

health. It's a funny thing instead. The challenge mode can spread like a virus. Of course, bigwigs don't care about $100, but it's a little daunting for men not to meet the challenge, and the social circle of bigwigs is also bigwigs, so this model spread rapidly. Those who don't fight will donate $100, and those who fight will not be stingy with $100. The influence of celebrities can let more people know ALS, and the effect of this fundraising is very good. In fact, when the rule is designed, this communication becomes a logical trap. You can only choose between an ice bucket and $100, but you can't ignore it. In fact, the challenged can be ignored. However, social networks can circle just acquaintances. If you ignore the choice of

, it's a small matter to donate $100 less. Acquaintances don't give people face, and ignoring their existence is a big thing. I have to say that this is a carefully planned way of communication and fund-raising. It uses men to be aggressive, takes advantage of the face of the circle of friends, and makes a logical trap. It can be called a classic case of communication

the scientific and technological community needs eyeballs, which means influence and investment. Since someone has carefully planned such an excellent platform for the

show, the bosses are happy to follow the trend and hype the eyeballs. 100 dollars is a small thing, and the attention attracted by the ice bucket

, the hot spots and media reports brought by the ice bucket can't be bought by the public relations fee of 10000 dollars. Of course, this cheap big guy doesn't make money in vain. So we see that all walks of life are getting wet, and we also try to circle influential celebrities. This is not true. The ice bucket trend has spread to the home furnishing industry. The boss of the wardrobe enterprise has challenged the ice bucket, but there is no roll call in the video. I don't know who the next challenge is? Xiaobian is looking forward to it, Hahahahahaha!!! Sit and watch others pour ice water





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