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In fact, our generation is very contradictory. When we were young, we liked to watch craftsmen work and enjoy the convenience brought by industrialization when we grow up

collision between modern and traditional

our generation is actually very contradictory. When I was a child, I liked to watch craftsmen do their work, and when I grew up, I enjoyed the convenience brought by industrialization. When we formed the consumption concept of "things are worn out and thrown away", we found that the things repaired by craftsmen had disappeared from life, and those craftsmen had long been away from our sight, and then began to feel deeply sorry for the disappearance of these handicrafts

in addition to remembering, traditional craftsmanship can also be engraved.

my father was an old carpenter who was born as a weigher. When he was young, "weigher" was a business that traveled far and wide, and now it has become his "engraved" craftsmanship. In his words, the purpose of weighing again is to find the joy that weighs slowly taking shape in your hands, and to carry forward the craftsman culture of personal effort and dedication

Mr. Ying Chengde, founder of linuoruite wood industry, during his father's weighing, I was thinking: machinery may replace craftsmen one day, but there is one thing that machinery can never do, that is, the outpouring of people's feelings for products and the unremitting pursuit of perfection. Things made by machinery are perfect, but from another point of view, they are not perfect. Compared with workers, robots lack a kind of running in between people and furniture, as well as the process of pursuing products closer to perfection

-- according to the interview quotations of Mr. Ying Gangqiang, Mr. Ying Gangqiang, general manager of linuoruite wood industry, likes to toss, goes all out to step into the industrial era, gets rid of the hard work of both hands, and now starts to pursue traditional handcraft. In fact, I don't think there is any contradiction between the two. This is an era with strong inclusiveness, which allows us to yearn for rapid iteration of products, and also allows us not to give up the memory of tradition

the deep reason for the lack of craftsmanship spirit

one day, when life is more and more convenient and technology is more and more developed, these handicrafts may no longer exist, and then our days will become very empty and impetuous. Therefore, it is necessary to inherit the spirit of craftsman. We cannot throw away the things left by our ancestors. We need the spirit of craftsman to support the increasingly scarce spiritual life

-- according to the interview quotations of Mr. Ying Gangqiang

people have been emphasizing the inheritance of traditional culture and the spirit of craftsmanship, but for young people, it is difficult to imagine that it will take a long time to do something that will not be immediate. From this point of view, the lack of craftsman spirit may be an interpretation of a superficial phenomenon, and the deeper reason is: the lack of an atmosphere to inherit craftsman culture and a cultural system that can support craftsman spirit, which is what we need to think about and improve most

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