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With the arrival of winter, many families close their doors and windows tightly to keep the indoor heating in order to take warm measures. In addition, in winter, many families use humidifiers to prevent the indoor air from drying, and even keep them on for 24 hours. It should be pointed out that humidifier is a double-edged sword. If used incorrectly, it will not purify the air, but will increase the possibility of respiratory diseases

generally speaking, when the indoor humidity is 40% - 60%, the human body will feel good. Once the air humidity is lower than 20%, indoor inhalable particles increase, it is easy for people to catch a cold. When the air humidity is 55%, the bacteria are difficult to spread, but if the air humidity is too high, such as more than 90%, it will cause discomfort to the human respiratory system and mucous membranes, and the immunity will decline, which is particularly harmful to babies, and will induce influenza, asthma, bronchitis and other diseases. When the humidifier is used, if it is not cleaned regularly, the mold and other microorganisms in the humidifier will enter the air with the mist, and then enter the human respiratory tract, which is easy to suffer from "humidifying pneumonia"

when humidifying, many families will close the doors and windows tightly in order to keep warm indoors, which makes the great taboo of humidification. Among the major factors that may affect human health in indoor air, poor ventilation accounts for a large proportion

don't use humidifiers at home. The doors and windows should be closed tightly. The circulation of air helps to circulate the air and increase the freshness of indoor air. Therefore, when using humidifiers, we must frequently open windows for ventilation to maintain the circulation of indoor air; Do hygiene frequently, keep the indoor environment clean, and avoid inhaling dust into the respiratory tract; Change the water frequently and clean the humidifier regularly to avoid breeding bacteria

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