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Yanji: the garage paints and smokes away the residents. The property suspends decoration when it hears the news.

"the paint smell is very strong, and it's all floating into the building. I'm sensitive to the smell myself, and I can't stand the smoke. I've been living with my relatives for several days." Recently, Ms. Wang, who lives in Building 1 of a community in Yanji City, reported to this website that recently, the community property has decorated the underground garage, and the garage is connected with the corridor. The smell of paint floated into her home along the corridor, which had an impact on her life

residents: the smell of paint is strong, affecting life

"the decoration began a week ago. When I went to bed at night, I began to feel dizzy and a little sick when I smelled the smell of paint." Ms. Wang told reporters that she had been pregnant for several months and that she was sensitive to smell. After smelling the smell of paint, she developed dizziness and nausea. The next day, she hurried to "hide" in her relatives' house for a temporary stay. This feeling of being unable to return home made her feel depressed. "The property management said that we should open the window and let it go, so I went to my relatives' house to live, and I don't know when the paint smell will dissipate."

after knowing this, the reporter came to building 1 of the community. As soon as the corridor door was opened, there was a smell of paint, but it was not strong. The reporter went up the stairs, and the smell of paint gradually faded. Then, the reporter came to the underground garage of the community from the staircase. On both sides of the wide passage, white garages have been painted, and the ground is painted with green floor paint, which has been dried out, and the paint smell in the garage is obviously stronger than that in the corridor. "At first, it tasted great. Now it's OK to finish painting. It's almost put." Mr. Li, a resident of Building 1, said that the community was not built for a long time, and the occupancy rate was not high. There were not many residents living in the whole building 1, and some residents only decorated their new homes and did not officially live, so the taste of paint did not affect too many residents. "It's a little affected. Although there are few families in the whole building, it's really bad to let out when it's under construction in winter. It's so cold that the door of the corridor can't be kept open!"

property: the paint is harmless, and the construction has been suspended.

then, the reporter asked the relevant person in charge of the property in the community, and the other party told the reporter that due to the building planning, there are currently several underground parking lots in the community that need to be decorated. "At the request of the developer, we first decorated the underground garage of Building 1, and the floor paint we used is also a common environmental friendly paint on the market, non-toxic. But as long as it is paint, it will inevitably have some irritating taste, especially some people who are relatively weak may have a greater reaction to this taste." The person in charge said that at present, the underground garage of Building 1 has been decorated. In order to disperse the smell of paint as soon as possible, the property has cleaned up the residual paint on the decoration site for many times. For the residents affected by the decoration, the property department apologized, "there are still some underground parking lots that have not been decorated in the follow-up. In view of the fact that the smell of floor paint disturbs the residents, we also reported to the developers that we decided to postpone the decoration of other parking lots until the weather turns warm next year, which is convenient for ventilation and smell dissipation, and try our best to avoid disturbing the normal life of residents."

On the 25th, the reporter came to the community again and saw that the decoration of the underground garage had stopped

environmental protection department: there are no relevant laws and regulations, which need to be solved through negotiation

residents have moved into their new homes, but the community facilities need to be further constructed, which will inevitably affect the normal life of residents, but will the smell of paint damage their bodies? In this regard, the reporter consulted the staff of Yanji environmental protection department. "If the building construction process uses qualified materials permitted by the state, there is no problem. However, as long as it is paint, there will be a certain pungent smell, which is the same as our personal home decoration, but it will be all right when the smell disappears." The staff said that according to relevant policies and regulations, at present, it is only required to install purifiers and other equipment in places such as paint spraying workshops in the automotive industry that operate all the year round and use a large number of volatile odor paints continuously, while there are no specific relevant laws and regulations for such places as temporary decoration of residential areas. If the taste of the paint does have a certain impact on the lives of residents, we hope that residents can actively communicate with the property management and jointly negotiate for a solution





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