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The climate conference in Copenhagen at the end of last year brought a super popular word to people all over the world: low carbon. Life should be low-carbon, and decoration should also be low-carbon

the climate conference in Copenhagen at the end of last year brought a super popular word to people all over the world: low carbon. Life should be low-carbon, and decoration should also be low-carbon. Some people may say: low carbon decoration? We are more concerned about low-cost decoration, saving money is the last word. From the perspective of many families who just finished decoration last year, many ideas originally intended to save money often end up with the model of low-carbon decoration. Don't believe it? Take a look at the following tips

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hydropower pipes wrap the hot water pipe

whether it's a solar water heater or a gas water heater, it's best to wrap a layer of insulation pipe outside the hot water pipe. This is a practice provided by a colleague, and I've seen it on the construction site of a professional decoration company

the solar water heater is installed outdoors and the gas water heater is installed in the kitchen. There must be a distance from the water heater to the bathroom, which will lose a lot of heat in winter. If you add a layer of "coat" to the hot water pipe, the insulation effect will be particularly good. The price of this kind of insulation pipe is not high. A 2.5-meter-long one costs only 5 yuan. It is really cheap to use this cost to reduce energy consumption. The installation of insulation pipe is also very simple, but it will increase the workload of the master who installs the water pipe

avoid knocking on the wall and digging holes in the spatial layout

what if the room pattern is not satisfactory? First pay someone to knock on the wall and dig holes, and then pay for reinforcement. This method of improving the spatial layout is very popular and wasteful

long Moumou (net name) of Yashi garden doesn't do this. Her three bedrooms and two halls have a long aisle and several eye-catching beams. The conventional practice usually changes the house type to cover the beams, and she adds some radians to the beams, changes them into arch shape, and adds a narrow locker to the aisle to buffer the line of sight. Dividing three by five by two improves the uncomfortable house type. Just keeping the original pattern has saved long a sum of reinforcement costs, saved the construction period of wall reinforcement, and embarked on a low-carbon route

local space giant tatami replaces all furniture

many small families like to make tatami for their own parts, which is both storage and sleep. A couple in Xinlonghua mansion was even more powerful, turning the guest room of more than 10 square meters into a giant tatami. The whole ground was raised, and the space between the floor and the actual ground became a cabinet 40 or 50 cm high. Only a lifting platform desktop was made in the middle of the room

with the raised floor and lifting platform, all the furniture in the guest room does not need to be bought or customized, which saves money and saves the painting process, and the environmental protection index of the whole space naturally improves

furniture collocation retain useful old furniture

all say that everything in a new house needs to be new, but in the newly decorated house interviewed by pistachios last year, I have seen a lot of old furniture. Don't think it's the owner who is stingy and unwilling to throw away old things. In fact, old things have the benefits of old things

a netizen prepared all the old furniture used in the old house for his daughter's small room, because the formaldehyde of the old furniture must be much less than that of the new furniture, and the edges and corners of the old furniture have been worn almost, so there is no need to worry about hurting the child. Tiantianma (online name), who lives in Gangwan home, uses the dowry from her hometown as a locker. It's not that she is stingy, but that these old furniture are very compatible with her decoration style, which makes it more comfortable to use, and the workmanship and environmental protection are also reassuring

the renovation of second-hand houses uses the original decoration foundation

the first house of young couples is mostly second-hand houses. It is not easy to buy a house in Hangzhou, and there is little money left for decoration. One price, one goods, pistachios advise you not to take a small amount of money to achieve aggressive decoration, before starting work, first investigate what other decoration of second-hand houses can be reused, which is the right way

once a little couple spent 30000 yuan to create an enviable nest, relying on the original decoration foundation. The water, electricity and toilet are basically unchanged. The wall is based on the coordinated color matching of latex paint, and the limited money is spent on furniture and household appliances. The decoration cost of the new home is not much, but the quality of life is not "falling price"




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